• SCG Wants to Make a Kit Car Out of This Sketch

Jim Glickenhaus wants to bring this Scuderia to more people and this is what it might look like

Since Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus focuses mainly on designing and building boutique, high-performance exotic sports cars, it’s safe to say that the 99 percenters out there can only dream of driving the likes of SCG 003, 004, 006, and 007. Even the Steve McQueen-inspired Baja Boot is bound to cost an arm and a leg.

Have no fear, though. Mr. Glickenhaus is apparently not ignoring the masses, as he wants his company to develop an affordable car that would lure in more customers for the brand. Are we on board with this? Well, of course we are.

What is this thing?

In all fairness, this new concept, if we can call it that, from SCG looks like it mixes the carmaker’s supercars with a more recent project, the V-8 powered SCG Baja Boot. However, SCG says that the vehicle is a lot simpler and mechanically-speaking, it’s closer to a dune buggy than the 004 or the Boot.

At the same time, SCG wants to offer the car, which is yet to be baptized, through “a lower cost self-constructed kit.” Coming up with such a package won’t just enable a lower price tag, as SCG believes it “would enable hot-rodders and shade-tree mechanics to participate in what we do.”

We don’t know about you, but we see ourselves working day and night on assembling this car with our own two hands before having it ready to be hooned and abused out in the wild. And pardon our enthusiasm, but knowing what sort of machinery comes out of SCG’s stable, we’ve got absolutely no doubt that this, should it become a real thing, would be an absolute blast to drive.

Steve McQueen Would Be Proud of SCG's Baja Boot Exterior
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Perhaps there’s a lot to learn about this new prototype from the road-going version of the SCG Baja Boot. It’s got a 460-horsepower LT1 V-8, four-wheel independent suspension, Fox shocks, Wilwood Dynapro brakes, BFGoodrich Mud-Terrain tires, and up to 19 inches worth of suspension travel. So, a lot of those traits could be easily integrated into a buggy-style, DIY vehicle of sorts.

SCG 2-Door Road Baja Boot Specs
Wheelbase 116 in
Width 84 in
Weight 5,200 lb/2,358 kg (estimate)
Power 460 hp
Suspension travel 19 in
Fuel capacity 45 gallons
Range 400 miles highway/200-300 miles off-road

For now, we’re just hoping SCG takes the decision to build the supercar-buggy hybrid. Even more interesting would be to find out how much will the kit cost once the carmaker irons out every other detail.

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