• SCG Wants You To Build Your Own Off-Road, Mid-Engined Buggy

This isn’t Lego; it’s the real deal

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In March 2020, Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus, or commonly known as SCG, posted a random rendering on Facebook which looked like the lovechild of the company’s 004 sports car and the Boot off-roader that took part in last year’s Baja 1000 event. Although it looked funky, no one took it seriously. Fast-forward a couple of months, the company announces that it is becoming a reality. The company will be selling this buggy soon, but as a DIY vehicle. Yep, you’ll have to make your own. Will you?

Assembling A Buggy Would Be Fun

When SCG showcased the rendering in March, it said that it is considering a kit that customers will have to assemble themselves.

This DIY off-roader takes inspiration from the Porsche 959 produced for the Paris-Dakar Rally. It would be more like a dune buggy rather than a beefed-up 004 with off-road stuff like big tires and plastic body cladding. Now that it has become a reality, SCG will be transporting buggy in pieces to the owners who will have to assemble it themselves. The Mini Boot is being developed with a 2.2-liter, EcoTec crate engine from GM. The engine was seen under the hood of the Chevy Cobalt where it made 145 horses and 155 pound-feet of torque. It will be mated to a Sadev transaxle gearbox.

Not A Bad Powertrain Choice

SCG Wants You To Build Your Own Off-Road, Mid-Engined Buggy
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The choice of powertrain seems like a bummer, but SCG is looking to keep the weight of the buggy around 1,400 pounds. This should result in a pleasing power-to-weight ratio. The Mini Boot could be offered with a two-wheel-drive system as standard and a four-wheel-drive layout as optional.

SCG also said that an open-top version is something they’re considering for the buggy. The company even went on to say that the buggy will be developed in a way that it will comply with the Baja 1000 rules.

Since this will be shipped in parts, customers can choose the parts they’d like and source the rest from elsewhere if they wish to. This way, they could have a buggy that suits their requirements perfectly. It would also help keep the prices in check. Coming to the price, SCG is yet to announce it. We’re not even aware of the delivery dates for the same. But, given the way the company has acted on a rendering and made it into a real deal in a matter of a month, this should come out soon, too.

SCG 2-Door Road Baja Boot Specs
Wheelbase 116 in
Width 84 in
Weight 5,200 lb/2,358 kg (estimate)
Power 460 hp
Suspension travel 19 in
Fuel capacity 45 gallons
Range 400 miles highway/200-300 miles off-road

SCG Could Build An Electric Mini Boot

Steve McQueen Would Be Proud of SCG's Baja Boot Exterior
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When asked about an electric version of the buggy, James Glickenhaus said that it is possible and "he’d love to race a Tesla Cybertruck" someday. This is about Musk’s tweet where he said that Tesla is working on improving the Cybertruck’s air suspension so it can “kick butt in Baja.”

What are your thoughts on this DIY SCG Mini Boot dune buggy? Share them with us in the comments section below.

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