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"Schumacher" - Out now on NETFLIX

Here’s you chance to witness the legend himself in his element - a rare insight into Schumi’s life, like you’ve never seen before

The wait is finally over. The documentary ’Schumacher,’ is finally out and is now live on Netflix, and examines the life of the seven-time Formula One world champion. It gives us an insight into the life of the F1 legend, who was involved in a skiing accident, back in 2013 that left him in a coma.

The man has since, not been spotted in public and has been put up at his mansion, near Lake Geneva in Switzerland. Schumacher has been there since September 9, 2014, following his hospitalization. Apart from his relatives and a few friends, no one has seen Michael and no information regarding his health, level of consciousness has emerged.

"Schumacher" - Out now on NETFLIX
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We recently published a post on a Trailer of a documentary on reigning F1 Champion, Micheal Schumacher

The one-hour and 52-minute film begins with footage of the German and his wife, taking an underwater scuba dive, followed by him behind the wheel of a Ferrari at the Monaco Grand Prix.

Netflix Just Released the First Trailer for Former F1 Champion Michael Schumacher's New Documentary
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It begins with his early days as a racing driver. A young Michael can be seen lifting a trophy, dating back to his carting days

The film though does not feature Schumi himself and does not reveal anything essential about his daily life. It does, however, cross that delicate line that the German had drawn between his sporting career and his private life, and it does so with his family’s permission.

"Schumacher" - Out now on NETFLIX
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His wife Corina describes him as very funny and wonderful, while FIA president and friend Jean Todt, describes Micheal as reserved and shy indiviudal

His wife, Corina describes him as "very funny" and “wonderful”. His wife has a particular place among the speakers. She opens up without disguising her anguish or her want to be near to him. Along with his wife, the documentary also includes other members of Michael’s family, including the driver’s father, Rolf, and his children, Gina and Mick Schumacher, who recall their father’s admiration on the racetrack.

"Schumacher" - Out now on NETFLIX
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Nicknamed Kaiser, Micheal is a seven-time F1 World Champion, who has never enjoyed the limelight that the crazy world of Formula One brings

Schumacher earned the nickname "Kaiser" and established himself as one of the greatest Formula One drivers of all time, but he also had to deal with the media attention that comes with being a seven-time world champion. Corina says that Michael fought fame because he did not want to "be a star" or "go that far”. "He disliked being surrounded by the journalists and the public.

"Schumacher" - Out now on NETFLIX
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Well, the wait is finally over as the film is now airing on Netflix

"It’s true that he could sometimes seem a bit unfriendly, but it was because he was being demanded a lot," says his buddy Jean Todt, current president of the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile. "He was an extremely reserved and shy person.”

"Schumacher" - Out now on NETFLIX
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and off of it, and how he really was in essence, a family man

A life outside of the enormous circus that F1 really is, the film speaks more about the character, Michael Schumacher, than his outbursts of misbehavior behind the wheel, so much so that "it is impossible not to change your perception of this Formula 1 legend" after watching this feature film.

"Schumacher" - Out now on NETFLIX
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This documentary now gives us an insight into what the man was like both on the track

To conclude, "Schumacher, the film" is above all a story about the driver’s remarkable career, with those sides of the Grand Prix driver, that we rarely see and that Netflix has already created a trademark with such content, throughout their three seasons of its series "Drive to survive”.

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Netflix Just Released the First Trailer for Former F1 Champion Michael Schumacher’s New Documentary

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