For those of you who have problems with parallel parking, there’s now a simple formula that you can follow to make even the trickiest parking dilemmas look like a walk in the park.

For you to understand it though, requires a strong grasp of Mathematics.

Worked on and formulated by Vauxhall Motors, in collaboration with Professor Simon Blackburn from the University of London’s Royal Holloway College, this formula will allow you to calculate your parallel parking endeavors by first using the radius of a car’s turning circle and the distance between the vehicle’s front and back wheels. Using the length of the car’s nose and the width of an adjacent car the formula can tell exactly how big a space needs to be for your car to fit.

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Theoretically, once you figure out how much available space there is, you can figure out the exact time to turn your steering wheels to fit into the space flawlessly.

By applying this to basic parking guidelines, you can work out exactly when to turn the steering wheel to slide in perfectly.

According to Professor Blackburn: "Parking the car is something that most of us do on a daily basis – and we all get a little frustrated with it sometimes. This was the perfect opportunity to show how we can apply mathematics to understanding something that we all share.”

Fortunately for us, we’re pretty well-versed in the art of parallel parking so this formula, while intriguing in its own right, is something we can live without. But for those who have nightmares about the thought of parallel parking, you might want to give this a shot, even if it means trying to figure out all the equations involved.

Source: Telegraph

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  (815) posted on 01.11.2010

That’s why scientists are so freaking crazy on releasing this formula to achieve the perfect parallel parking(as if people wants this and also as if they will compute this before parking). I don’t know but I think this news about this computation .

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