It’s hard to have cool police cruiser in the U.S. We arrest so many people that we need full-size cars with full-size back seats. The big V8s may make the cars fast, but the big sedans always have a somewhat Grandmamobile look to them. In fact, the last cool cruiser belonged to Jake and Ellwood.

That’s why European cops are cooler. Last month we saw Italy get a Gallardo LP560-4 as a Police car, and now here’s the Volkswagen Scirocco dressed up in "blues and twos" form for the Essen Motor Show.

Scirocco Police Edition
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The Scirocco Police Edition was built as part of a program called "Tune it! Safe!" The program seems to be an awareness project between the German Government and the tuner parts manufacturers to make sure all parts the go into tuner cars work properly. The manufacturer Hella helped outfit the Scirocco Police Edition enough lighting technology to scare off the baddies.

We’ve received no information about if there’s been any tuning to the engine. If its stock, then the car would only have about 200 hp, so at least our Crown Vics are faster in a straight line. All we have to do is keep the crooks from turning...


Source: Vau Max

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Myles_Kornblatt  (169) posted on 11.20.2008

Then again, not all european cop cars are cool. England still uses diesel Astras and Volvo wagons.

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