We all know how much the British love their Subarus. So much that they gave the cars a cute nickname. Now owners can show off their AWD Scoobies at the Scooby Sprint Championship, a UK motorsport series developed exclusively for Subarus. The series caters to all levels of competitors, from novice to professional, and from privateers to fully built professional machines. In the end, the champion will be crowned the fastest Subaru in the UK.

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Scooby Sprint Cup official information

Where, when, what and how?

In 2009 there are 5 events on the calendar. Each event takes place at a single venue in England, and each on a single day.
Competitors compete against the clock, in their road-going, or race-prepared Subarus, on a coned stage / course. The fastest time wins, and Championship Points are awarded for the top seven in each eligibility group. At the end of the season, the points are totalled, and the winners crowned.

Who can enter?

Entries are strictly restricted to Subarus owners, competing in their Scoobies. If you own a Subaru, click here to enter.

Will I damage my car?

Nobody can 100% guarantee this, of course, but the events take place on very open areas, with very little to hit, except a cone! Great care is taken to ensure that the environment is safe and fun. You will experience higher than normal tire wear, however, if you push hard.

Will my car be competitive?

Classes and Championship Eligibility groups have been designed to ensure there is a class for everyone, from standard road cars, to World Rally Cars.

Course Layouts

Each event has an individual course, incorporating different challenges on each round. 2009’s first event uses the Monte Carlo course, designed to be tight, twisty and technical, just like the famous Rallye Monte Carlo. Round 2 uses the New Zealand course, named after the WRC event for its faster flowing corners. Corsica represents sweepers and hairpins, Germay for its straights and 90’s. Then ultimately the old faithful ScoobyLive course for the final.

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AK47  (1024) posted on 04.3.2009

While I love Subarus, calling them scoobies is just wierd.

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