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Scoop: A First Look At The Ferrari Purosangue

These are the clearest pictures yet of Ferrari’s first ever SUV

This is it folks, a close-up look at the first-ever SUV from the stable of the Prancing Horse, the Ferrari Purosangue. These spy images of a silver example are courtesy of cochespias and look like they were taken at the factory, just off of the production floor.

Fresh Off-The Oven From Maranello

While it would have been ideal for us to see a red example, we’re still happy to have gotten the chance to see this silver one, of what is the first-ever SUV to wear the prancing horse badge. An SUV with a Ferrari Logo. Just like the numerous spy shots of the Pursangue SUV that we’ve already seen before, the production variant seems to have a low stance. The front facia is reminiscent of what we’ve seen on the SF90 Stradale, with the main headlight units sitting lower down in the bumper. The hood meanwhile has some proper bulges.

The First Ever SUV To Wear The Prancing Horse Badge

Moving to the sides, in keeping with the requirements of what qualifies as an SUV, you’ve got the contrast wheel arches, this time in a dark shade of glossy grey, which I must admit contrasts rather well against the rest of the bodywork. This is similar to what we’ve seen on the latest Audi A6 Allroad. However, unlike the Audi, the Ferrari has some proper creases and a really aggressive line along the bottom. The wheels on this particular Purosangue are five-spoke in typical Ferrari fashion. But I’m sure there’ll be many more exciting designs to choose from. The yellow Ferrai shield is also present.

Viewed from the back, the first thing that caught my attention are those quad tailpipes, thank god for that. An idea of a Ferrari SUV in itself is sacrilege to many (and these include Ferrari themselves, considering how reluctant they were to make it in the first place), at least the pipes are real, with an aggressive diffuser wrapped around it.

As far as the aero bits are concerned, you can just about get a glimpse of the integrated spoiler, if you look closely at the reflection of the rear windshield, and you’ve got two more cutouts under the taillights. You can just about see the prancing horse in the center of the tailgate, thanks to this silver shade. Overall, the rear reminds me of GTC4 Lusso, a practical Ferrari that has been on the market for many years now.

As far as powertrains are concerned, it could most likely feature a V-6 or V-8 hybrid without also ruling out the possibility of a V-12, considering how Italy is asking for exemptions from the EU to produce low volume supercars. An all-electric version might also follow suit.

So, what’s your take on the Ferrari Purosangue? Is it just a chopped-up Maserati Levante or does it have the true hallmarks of a proper Ferrari? We’ll get to know soon. Watch this space.

Khris Bharath
Khris Bharath
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