Scuderia Ferrari has announced today the launch of a new social game named Pit Wall King, which can bring you tons of prizes every week and in the end, a very special Ferrari Factory Tour in Maranello.

The purpose of the game is to test your knowledge of the Scuderia Ferrari. The game comes with two different sections: Practice and Championship. The Practice mode is divided in different levels and contains the questions you will also meet in Championship. You will have to answer as many question as possible in the given time and when you have at least 20 correct answers, you can reach the next level. Depending on the level, the time to answer goes from 2 minutes in the level 1 down to just 1 minute in level 5.

The Championship begins each Thursday at 12 a.m. before the GP and ends one minute before the race starts on Sunday. Contenders will have to answer 3 multiple-choice questions and forecast Fernando Alonso’s and Felipe Massa’s places in the current GP. For every correct answer you will get 5 points. Each week the points earned by the players will be classified and the first 10 players will receive special prizes from

At the end of the season, Ferrari will also create an overall classification and will crown 3 Pit Wall Kings. The prize for these three lucky guys will be a Ferrari Factory Tour in Maranello!

You can check out the game here.


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