Italian automaker Ferrari has never been bashful about its continued efforts in squeezing as many merchandising opportunities as it can all in the name of business.

Whether its a world-class theme park like Ferrari World or everyday items like mugs, keychains, and magnets, the Italian automaker has and continuous to explore every possible avenue to offer their products to the public that may not be able to afford their high-priced supercars.

One of the new products in the Ferrari catalog and one that should generate tremendous interest is the new Scuderia Ferrari World Time Watch.

Developed to be a watch that exudes both class and sportiness, the Scuderia Ferrari World Time Watch has the performance and functionality to make it a tremendous "everyday watch" suited for all individuals. The watch comes with a number of unique features, including a satin finish steel casing with underside screws, a bezel made from PVD treated steel with an accompanying Ferrari logo, an anti-reflection convex crystal, knobs made from PVD steel, a rubber band, a satin finish buckle, and water-resistant capabilities up to 5 atmospheres.

The Scuderia Ferrari World Time Watch comes in three color faces - red, yellow, and black - giving customers plenty of options to choose from. Not that one color is better than the other - all of ’em are awesome! - but it doesn’t hurt to have a choice in color, especially when you’re forking over $523.16 (shipping/customs not included) for the red and yellow-face versions and $584 for the black version. If you’re interested in the watch, it’s now available at the Ferrari Store website for a limited time only so you best be getting yours while supplies still last.


Source: Ferrari Store

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  (474) posted on 07.27.2011

Just recently, the Porsche design a shisha and it seems that they are competing the Ferrari Store!haha I wonder on what the other merchandise of this car manufacturers!

  (484) posted on 07.27.2011

I have browsed the car watch and car gift section and I would say that I was bored on the Formula- theme chronograph. This watch look so ordinary compare to the work of Tag Heur. No wonder why its price is kind of cheap!

  (449) posted on 06.21.2011

Well, I don’t think that there is stunning on this watch except for the logo. I have seen a lot of watches in the car gift section and I would say that there are still look better than this.

  (341) posted on 06.21.2011

Is this site link to the Ferrari Store? I have seen several items in here including the helmet, watches and even brooch! Heck! I think Ferrari plans to sell everything under the sun just like cooking utensils, school supplies, house furniture , gardening tools and blah blah blahsmiley

  (531) posted on 06.2.2011

Cool! I like the Ferrari logo placed in the center. And its digital timer is such impressive. Take a look on the countries around it. One of the super priced watch, whew, that was such a precious timepiece.

  (553) posted on 05.27.2011

Well, I am not really all that worried if Ferrari does venture into merchandising. In fact, I would be even more interested, since they will likely have lots of items to offer.

  (427) posted on 05.26.2011

Hmm, I really wouldn’t be surprised if Ferrari suddenly unleashes a slew of new merchandises in the next few months. It seems that they are taking this one seriously.

  (1211) posted on 05.26.2011

Yeah, it’s as if they are slowly expanding their market into those sections that they can’t get with their cars. Though this one would really be a good move on their part.

  (619) posted on 05.25.2011

Well, good thing that this one is not as pricey as that million-dollar Ferrari book that they have released a few months back. But I am really surprised that Ferrari is getting really aggressive with all of these merchandising stuff.

  (412) posted on 05.25.2011

I love the fact that they have included a digital display on this one. And they did that one rather nicely too. Overall, I really like how they did this timepiece.

  (334) posted on 05.25.2011

It really shows on how business minded is the Ferrari. if you would see their Ferraro Store, I think you could see all the things you want in their. From, apparel, shoes, bags, and etc! Oh!I just remember that they have a partnership with a anti-virus company..

  (599) posted on 05.25.2011

I don’t agree with you. I have seen a lot of watches that was featured here at TopSpeed. And I would say that there are some that looks better than this. But the only difference is that it has the Ferrari badge.

  (530) posted on 05.24.2011

Wow, this one is surprisingly nice looking. And at just around $600, it’s actually quite affordable too, when compared to those thousand dollar sports themed watches.

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