The new Ferrari 599 GTO is priced at €319,495 (or around $415,00 at the current rates). That’s perfectly normal for an exclusive Ferrari. But how about a €300,000 watch? Yes! a $389,000 watch! Called ’Scuderia One’ Ferrari Watch, it will be built in a limited number (60 units) by Cabestan and will be destined exclusively for the Ferrari owners.

The ’Scuderia One’ Watch will be been influenced by modern Ferrari design and technology with middle bridge section is in carbon fiber. It will have a tourbillon and does have the very time-consuming-to-produce fusee chain - where each link in the tiny bicycle chain style series of links is made by hand (by master watch maker Eric Coudray). This will allow the watch to be very accurate - plus or minus one second per day.


Source: Luxist

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  (808) posted on 05.16.2010

hahaha I agree.. with that watch, your life is also in danger..

  (666) posted on 05.13.2010

What? this freaking watch has the same value of one 3 fully custom nissan GT-R.

  (555) posted on 05.12.2010

Wow! A while ago the price was only $300k but now it is almost half million. Well, I think there is something strange about this watch and I guess this watch can transform to car or maybe there are such something special inside it that’s why it cost very expensive.

  (428) posted on 05.12.2010

All that and it still performs the same functions as a dime-store 10,000X the price. Sweet!

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