Are you ready to welcome Clarkson, May, and Hammond back into your lives?

The wait is officially over. The Grand Tour is back. Ok, so it’s not really back yet; that’s not happening until December 8, 2017, but the date is quite literally a little over a month away. So yes, the wait is over and the countdown to the start of the second season is officially a go. Amazon has even released a new trailer for the upcoming season and, while I can’t promise to be as excited as I was in the build-up from the first season, I can say that there’s plenty of promising bits this season that I’m already looking forward to seeing.

But before that, there are some important matters to remind everyone. The format of the second season will largely remain the same, except for a few important items, including the whole concept of the show. Whereas last season literally brought the tent studio segment of the show to some of the most exotic locations in the world, that’s not happening anymore this year. Instead, that particular segment will now be set in just one location: the back garden of a country house that’s reportedly a few cartwheels away from Jeremy Clarkson’s home. Convenient as that may be for the presenter, the show will still have plenty of time dedicated to the global escapades of Clarkson, James May, and Richard Hammond. Over 100 days, in fact, or so says Amazon. Certainly, the new trailer for the second season shows the trio driving downhill a steep snowy mountain, racing across a desert, and mingling with locals in a country that escapes my thought at the moment.

Regardless of what our expectations are, I fully expect the second season to be as good, maybe even better than last season. It should be an attainable bar to reach given how uneven the first season was. And for what it’s worth, here’s to hoping that the Clarkson, May, and Hammond get through the season without hurting themselves. Oh, wait…


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