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Major auto shows usually stand out for debuting incredible supercars, thrilling luxury models, and futuristic concept vehicles. That’s because gearheads are more attracted by outstanding automobiles and the hype around them rather than mundane vehicles for the masses. But, as soon as the hype goes away, we of return to those affordable, every-day cars, simply because most of us drive such vehicles and cannot afford fancy supercars. Seat is among the companies that are looking to succeed by selling affordable vehicles, and it brought four new products to the 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show, including its brand-new Digital Cockpit.

Set to make its debut in 2018, the new Digital Cockpit is the firm’s latest instrument cluster and brings forward a more modern and versatile design. The Digital Cockpit will make its market debut in the Arona crossover and Leon Cupra R, both showcased in Frankfurt, but it will also be offered in the Ibiza and Ateca later on. Alongside the Arona, Leon Cupra R, and the Digital Cockpit, Seat also unveiled Amazon Alexa, a new voice-activated digital service. But before we look at the new cars, let’s check out this new Digital Cockpit that should make driving a Seat a more exciting experience.

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Enhanced Safety and Comfort

Seat Arona Brings New Digital Display In Frankfurt High Resolution Exterior
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The new Digital Cockpit comes with a more modern and versatile design, as well as better functionality

Although Seat didn’t go into extensive details yet, it did say that this Digital Cockpit comes with a more modern and versatile design, as well as better functionality. The instrument cluster can be configured to suit different tastes and most likely changes its appearance depending on the driving mode. A car like the Leon Cupra R will probably get a more aggressive display for the Sport mode.

We should get a digital display that brings Seat automobiles in line with the competition

The resolution was also improved, which is good news given that most affordable cars don’t usually have a high-quality digital instrument cluster (given they have an option to update from analogue, that is!). Seat also claims that the Digital Cockpit improves safety and comfort, so it’s safe to assume that the new instrument cluster will display more functions than ever before, including driver assistance systems. All told, beyond the company’s fancy PR talk we should get a digital display that brings Seat automobiles in line with the competition. So to be honest, I don’t expect it to feature something really innovative.

Seat Arona Brings New Digital Display In Frankfurt High Resolution Exterior
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But I guess I should wait for more details to surface before I draw any conclusions.


Seat Leon Cupra R

2018 Seat Leon Cupra R High Resolution Exterior
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Press release

SEAT presented its latest products at the Volkswagen Group’s Evening Event, the night before the official opening of the International Motorshow 2017 in Frankfurt. The new Arona and Leon CUPRA R, as well as Amazon Alexa, the innovative voice-activated digital service were SEAT’s protagonists on this special night. Chairman of the Board of Management of Volkswagen AG, Matthias Müller, was the master of ceremonies and responsible for the introduction of the latest models to which all the press were invited to get the scoop on the Volkswagen Group’s exciting releases.

Tomorrow, the Arona, Leon CUPRA R and Amazon Alexa will take centre stage on the first press day of the IAA in Frankfurt. At 11:15am (UK), the President of SEAT, Luca de Meo, will host a press conference at the SEAT stand to talk about the new Arona, Leon CUPRA R, Amazon Alexa and the shortlisted names of SEAT’s future large-size SUV. In the afternoon, at 2pm, Wayne Griffiths, Executive Vice-President for Sales and Marketing and Dr. Matthias Rabe, Executive Vice-President for Research and Development will talk about the new Leon CUPRA R, as well as future CUPRA projects. Finally, at 3:30pm, Ned Curic, Amazon Alexa Automotive Vice-president and Dr. Matthias Rabe will be speaking about the integration of the new innovative voice activated service Amazon Alexa, into the SEAT range.

New SEAT Arona

After making its first appearance in Barcelona in front of 250 international journalists in June, the New SEAT Arona will be presented internationally at the IAA Frankfurt.

The Arona, SEAT’s third launch in 2017 after the new Leon and Ibiza, is yet another step in the biggest ever product offensive carried out by the Barcelona-based brand. The large SUV that will arrive in 2018 is just a part of that. The Arona, the second model to be manufactured using the MQB A0 platform and that marks SEAT’s entrance into the compact crossover segment, is the younger brother to Ateca in SEAT’s growing SUV range. Manufactured exclusively in Martorell, the new SEAT Arona stands out from the rest through its wellthought out height and width, multiple customisation possibilities and the most advanced technology in safety and connectivity. Elegance, space, practicality and comfort from Monday to Friday and adventure, robustness, sportiness and efficiency at the weekend, the new SEAT Arona of course contains SEAT’s attractive, unique design and is destined for those drivers that are looking for excitement without sacrificing the dynamism, refinement and sportiness of the Spanish brand.

New Digital Cockpit

Another reason to visit the SEAT stand will be the new Digital Cockpit, featured for the first time in Arona, Leon ST CUPRA, Ibiza and Ateca. The Spanish brand is going to introduce the Digital Cockpit early in 2018 first in the Leon and the Ateca and later in the Ibiza and the Arona. Thanks to the new Digital Cockpit, the instrumentation not only has a more modern and versatile design, but will also give better functionality. The system can be configured to suit different driver tastes, and the whole instrumentation comes now with a fantastic resolution. It is not just about improving the design or the infotainment system, it is also about the advantages it brings to the driving experience, positively contributing to safety and comfort. This new feature, represents another important technological step forward for SEAT, and comes clearly in line with the company digitalisation strategy.

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