92% of women admit to tampering with or not wearing their seatbelt due to the discomfort it causes whilst driving. With this in mind Sheilas’ Wheels - the major new car insurance brand for women - has teamed up with world-renowned automotive engineers, MIRA, to transform the traditional seatbelt design and cater for women’s curves.

In response to these findings, Shelias’ Wheels and MIRA have invented the ’S-Clip’: a simple device that changes the route of the belt to take it down the middle of the chest - directly between the cleavage - instead of cutting across the breasts. This adjustment minimises flattening of the chest and rubbing on the neck.

It has been subjected to crash test dummy safety checks(i) to ensure that neither the clip, nor the desired re-routing of the diagonal belt strap, impedes the effectiveness of the actual seatbelt or increases the likelihood of injury in the event of an accident.

Lisa Bingley, project engineer at MIRA explains: "Women come in all shapes and sizes and it’s great that seatbelt comfort can now be seen in a similar way to a bra or a dress fitting. We hope this device aids women to wear their seatbelt in the correct manner in more comfort."

Sheilas’ Wheels hopes that this research and ’S-Clip’ concept may become a more permanent solution and is currently speaking to car and restraint manufacturers.

Jacky Brown, spokeswoman for Sheilas’ Wheels explains: "Women are putting themselves at risk by not wearing their seatbelt properly, or worse still, failing to buckle-up at all because they aren’t comfortable in the driving seat. We hope that by highlighting this problem, manufacturers will look into more long-term design solutions to improve seatbelt comfort for women. In the meantime, we urge female motorists to make sure they always wear their seatbelt, and wear it properly - no matter how much it digs into their neck or chest."

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