Following the announcement that SEAT will be the main sponsor of the 2007 Shakira “Oral Fixation” European Tour, SEAT is about to launch a major European-wide advertising campaign benefiting from this partnership. The main elements of the campaign will be seen as of mid January. But already since December a dedicated Shakira / SEAT website is on air.
The bridge between the two “brands” (SEAT and Shakira) will be the action tagline “Catch the Fever” combined with a specially created action-logo, the S icon. Together with a very colorful and specially developed campaign-layout, this is the perfect stage for introducing Shakira, as an ambassador of the brand, appearing in SEAT’s advertising.
Apart from the several visuals, the most notable outtake from the campaign would likely be a TV commercial with Shakira, including a song from Shakira exclusive to SEAT that hasn’t been released before. The TV commercial will focus on the “Lively” aspect of the SEAT brand values. It will obviously carry the exclusive song and will be done in a music video style.

Seat - "Catch that fever"
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The campaign will include all classical media like TV, cinema, radio, print, posters and billboards. Furthermore, a dedicated website was launched mid December containing everything from Shakira tour information to special SEAT offers.
Besides the notable image-campaign, announcing the cooperation, there will be a special dealer version in all communication-channels: sales offers will be communicated with the same advertising tone and style, including several creative guidelines to guarantee a fully integrated, multi-media campaign all over Europe.
SEAT and Shakira have developed all creative aspects, together with the agencies of SEAT - Atletico International and Grey.
The campaign will be seen in virtually all European countries until the end of the Shakira tour in March.
“We are proud about the achieved integration level of this very special campaign”, says Reinhard Patzschke, SEAT’s Marketing Communications Manager. “Our central campaign message will be used in every type of communication channel. However, it will not be an adapted message since it was developed specifically for each channel from the start. It is supervised centrally and implemented locally by each country. This is the first time that an automotive brand will be on air with a campaign of this integration level.”
Reinhard Patzschke concludes: “Additionally our campaign is connected with our support to the artist’s “Pies Descalzos Foundation”, Shakira’s special charity for children displaced and disenfranchised by conflicts in Latin America.”

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