Having joined the Scuderia Ferrari on a three-year contract beginning with the 2015 Formula One season, Sebastian Vettel has also won the right to drive Maranello’s latest supercars, including the bonkers, track-exclusive FXX K. With the new F1 season just around the corner, the German took a brief break from testing the new SF15-T single-seater to answer a few questions he received from his fans through the #askSeb campaign. Interestingly enough, he answered to the fans’ most interesting questions while hooning the Ferrari FXX K. Definitely a stunt only a gifted driver such as Vettel would be able to pull of without inflicting damage to an extremely rare supercar.

And by "rare" I mean that Ferrari plans to build only 30 units of the Ferrari FXX K and sell them for around $3.1 million each. As a brief reminder, the FXX K is a track-exclusive supercar based on the hybrid Ferrari LaFerrari. Its updated drivetrain produces 1,021 horsepower, and it will hit 60 mph in 2.8 seconds. Top speed is quoted at more than 217 mph, making it the fastest Ferrari ever built.

Much like the FXX and 599XX before it, Ferrari gets to choose the customers that buy one. Maranello also gets to keep all of them, and owners are invited to specific track days where Ferrari will deliver the car for some track fun, then take it back to its headquarters when the day is over. How’s that for a luxury rent-a-racer program?

Ferrari FXX K

2015 Ferrari FXX K High Resolution Exterior Wallpaper quality
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The Ferrari FXX K (AKA the track-only LaFerrari) has finally made its debut. Check out all of its hybrid supercar awesomeness at TopSpeed.com!
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