The Chrysler Sebring and the Dodge Avenger have long been a disappointment to Chrysler. As it comes time to change them, Chrysler is looking to replace the mid-sizers with a quality product in the least expensive way possible. There are three ways to go with the future cars, but all will likely ditch the Mitsubishi platform the twins are based on now. First option is for Chrysler to develop its own new platform. The second idea is to use either Fiat’s premium platform, or Nissan’s midsize (Altima), with distinct sheetmetal. The third option is using more than just the platform, and include the Fiat or Nissan firewall, A-pillar and windshield, kind of like Volkswagen’s new Routan minivan, based on the Chrysler minivans. In the end it’s likely that there will be less products to choose from as Chrysler well drop the four-door Sebring from the line up.

What do you think? What is the best move for Chrysler to make the Sebring more successful?


Source: MotorTrend

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  (68) posted on 07.31.2008

I’d say go with the Altima platform in the USA, and maybe the VW or Fiat platform in Europe (with all cars sharing a global design). Since Chrysler started working with Nissan on projects of platform sharing (compact cars, trucks), why not stop there? I’ll give credit to the "new" Chrysler. Since separating from Mercedes, they are actually getting serious about the cars for the company, and making smarter decisions. I can’t say the same for Ford and GM.

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