When the Italian design house Bertone revealed their shapely $2 Million Mantide back in April, they announced that production of their very special super car would be limited to only 10 units, and two have already been snatched up by some high performance enthusiasts with some pretty deep pockets. The Bertone Mantide is basically a re bodied Chevrolet Corvette ZR-1 with a much lighter and more streamlined body that sheds over 200 pound from the Mantide’s curb weight allowing the car’s LS9 power plant that makes a total of 638 HP to rocket the Italian muscle car from 0 to 60 MPH in just 3.2 seconds and reach a top speed of 217 MPH, about 12 MPH faster than the ZR-1 super Corvette. The second Mantide was just purchased by a Dubai resident with a slight discount bringing the purchase price to just $1.9 Million.


Source: AutoCar

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  (815) posted on 01.11.2010

I can say that this car looks kinda interesting by the matte of this one masked by carbon fibre if I’m not mistaken at all. Also I don’t want to question the speed of this one that have a sprint time of 3.2 seconds on the record so really expect that the price of this car will be that high.

  (780) posted on 12.13.2009

a whooping $1.9 million for a Sports car, well I guess the pride and brand name you are buying here and not the car.

  (570) posted on 12.13.2009

I’ve read this article last Saturday and found out that Jay Leno wants this car also. So thinking how this car works as a racing car? Anyways the speed up to 217 MPH is that good.

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