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Secrets Exposed: Tesla Hasn’t Told Us The Whole Story About The Cybertruck

Tesla’s patent primarily shows the Cybertruck’s UI design, but we might have gotten to know about its range as well!

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The Tesla Cybertruck was arguably one of the most anticipated vehicles of 2019. There was a constant buzz surrounding it the preceding year of its launch. Somehow, Tesla managed to keep it away from carparazzis very well. Not a single soul on earth got a glimpse of it, even when Tesla teased it at the Model Y’s launch. But sometimes, things come out in the open, like these secrets that give out a lot about the production-spec Cybertruck.

Courtesy of a patent filed by Tesla with the United States Patent and Trademark Office and an eagle-eyed Twitter user, a few things about the unconventional truck have surfaced on the internet, including its range!

What Does The Cybertruck Patent Talk About?

The patent mainly shows the UI design, but it reveals quite a few interesting details. At the top right, you have the temperature, range, and clock. There are plenty of images there that show a lot of other UI design elements, too. These include HVAC control-related stuff like the airflow direction, fan menu, and other stuff like ride height-related data, drive modes, etc. Even the infotainment data like music screen weather, news, etc. can be seen.

Apart from all this, you can also see the Cybertruck’s navigation and Autopilot system interface.

These seem to be updated as they have a 3D effect and could be a preview of what’s to come with the next major update in the form of the Tesla V11 software update on other models too.

How Much Range Will The Cybertruck Offer?

Secrets Exposed: Tesla Hasn't Told Us The Whole Story About The Cybertruck Exterior
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The Tesla Cybertruck will offer 500+ miles of range in the top-spec Cybertruck. Well, at least that’s what Tesla has announced and mentioned on its website. But, if these patent images are anything to go by, then the Cybertruck will offer 610 miles of range! If this is the reality, then it will be the highest range offered by any production EV. For now, the Lucid Air takes the cake with 517 miles of range. However, the upcoming Tesla Model S Plaid+ is expected to have 520+ miles of range.

Does The Production-Spec Cybertruck Look Any Different?

Secrets Exposed: Tesla Hasn't Told Us The Whole Story About The Cybertruck
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The patent also shows the Cybertruck’s shape, which isn’t any different from what Tesla has already shown us. There were some talks that the Cybertruck will get a slightly more conventional body, but it seems to be pretty much the same.

We could see changes in its body material, though. When the Cybertruck was announced, it was said that the body panels are made from “Ultra-hard 30X Cold-rolled Stainless Steel”. Musk had even said that this is the same exoskeleton material that is used for the SpaceX Starship shell as well. Tesla opted for the cold rolling process over the hot rolling process used by other manufacturers, and it seems to have a lot of benefits over the latter.

But, in July last year, Elon noted that the truck will come with different metal composition. It will apparently be seen on future SpaceX products, too, but details at this moment are a little scarce.

Fun Fact: Did you know that Musk claimed last year that the Cybertruck will even be able to float for a while?

The truck doesn’t have any air dams, has a solid skid plate under the vehicle, and a unique exoskeleton. Perhaps this helps the cause to some extent. We’ll have to wait until the truck arrives to see how it works. This isn’t the first time Tesla has claimed this, though. Back in 2016, Elon Musk said that even the Model S could show its amphibious sides for a short period, although it isn’t recommended.

Is There Anything Else The Patents Reveal?

Secrets Exposed: Tesla Hasn't Told Us The Whole Story About The Cybertruck Exterior
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There aren’t a whole lot of other updates about the Cybertruck lately as all the focus has been on the upcoming Plaid and Plaid+ models on the Model S and Model X

There is a whole lot of technical info related to the aforementioned stuff in the patent filed by Tesla, but there was one other thing that caught our attention. In one of the images where the towing and trailer functions are explained, you can see a differently designed trailer. Will this be offered when the Cybertruck arrives? We’ll have to wait and watch, but given it’s Tesla we’re talking about, you never know!

Source: USPTO

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