BMW’s largest and newest two-door has been tested and rated

BMW is discontinuing the 6 Series model lineup, and it will be replaced by a new line of8 Series models coming in a variety of forms. The most popular will probably be the hardtop coupe model, but buyers will also be able to opt for either a soft top convertible or a four-door sedan version of it to suit their needs.

Video Review: 2019 BMW 8 Series vs. Its Rivals

But what’s the car like to drive? Well, reviewers have tried out the 8 Series coupe and, on first impressions, it seems to be good, if a bit predictable. By that I mean it drives reasonably well and is sharp enough, yet at the same time, it can’t disguise its heft and size on the road. It’s the kind of car that tries to do both very well but only manages to tick some boxes, according to these first impression videos.

There’s nothing wrong about the power delivery of the current top of the line model, the M850i, as it delivers its 530 horsepower with ease and can send the big 8 Series to sixty in under four seconds. It even has an all-wheel drive that provides a more surefooted and secure driving experience in a wider array of conditions.

However, it’s not as sporty as it could be around the corners, and some of the ways in which BMW has tried to keep it feeling sporty, by making the steering super sharp and direct, apparently makes the car feel twitchy on some road types.

So, it’s not the last word in super coupe performance (it probably leaves room in the range for the crazy upcoming M8 version of it), but it is still a very good car. It excels in making its driver feel special when walking towards the car, climbing on board, starting up the engine, and setting off. But if you want to attack a set of corners in it, you’re still going to be better off in a hot version of the (lighter and more nimble) 2 and 4 Series.

The new 8 Series is definitely more of a cruiser for now, at least until the full-blown M model makes its appearance. That will come with bulging wheel arches, larger wheels and tires, different bumpers, an uprated interior and even more power from the twin-turbo V8. But will it be different enough to really make reviewers applaud it (in a way they just aren’t with the non-M version)?

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