Even Michael Bay couldn’t have scripted it better

One of the most important things to pay attention to when you drive a semi truck is where you can and, more importantly, where you cannot fit your truck. This video shows a best-case scenario of what can happen when the driver is oblivious to all of that and splatters his load on the road.

Picture yourself driving at night, during a rather sizeable storm, when the trucker ahead of you drives below an overpass that’s clearly not tall enough to clear his load. Would the sparks flying off the truck placed on the truck’s bed keep you on your toes? What if the trucker kept at it, ignoring the shower of sparks in his mirror and hit the edge of the next overpass as well? Seems like the script of B movie? Well, real life is the source for this wacky footage..

What happens when you encounter the single most unwary truck driver on the highway

Being a truck driver is not easy. You’ve got to stay awake, and alert, for many hours at a time and be mindful at all times of your route and your driving hours. Sometimes, you have to pick your route carefully if you carry a tall load that might not clear some bridges or other sorts of overpasses.

The trucker we see here is blissfully ignorant about it all.

He ignores the signs that inform you about the maximum height that can clear the overpasses that cross this highway and, as a result, he loses his container in spectacular fashion. The scene is caught by a dash-mounted camera in a car behind this 18-wheeler. It makes for quite q scary viewing but, as far as we know, nobody was injured in the incident.

What basically happens is that the trucker, driving along the nearly-flooded highway, fails to notice that his load won’t fit underneath an overpass. He manages to just scrape past it, with sparks covering the car that’s filming the whole thing. Flash forward a few seconds and, again, the trucker approaches an overpass. Somehow, though, he didn’t notice the near-miss that just occurred as he tries to make it through the second overpass as well.

Semi Driver Smacks Two Overpasses, Loses Cargo on the Highway
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Sadly, this time, the container branded Hamburg Sud, which is one of the largest container shipping brands worldwide, has had enough and it simply detaches from the truck’s flatbed and scatters itself on the highway. The flip side is that nobody was coming from the opposite direction, so the container wasn’t hit by an oncoming vehicle.

The driver filming the chilling shots was also able to slow down to a crawl before colliding with the red container.

We don’t know precisely when or where this all unfolded, but a user on Reddit, where the video first emerged, pointed out that the incident was bound to happen. User Jasonwhut said that "this is why you don’t put a 9-feet-6-inches-tall high cube container on a 5-feet-long flatbed deck. Normal maximum allowed height is 13 feet and 6 inches." Either way, it’s a lucky escape for everyone involved and a lesson some truck drivers must learn as this event isn’t a one-off.

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