A 46-year-old man from Canada found that out the hard way

A 46-year-old man from Ontario, Canada was charged with dangerous driving after sending his 2016 Tesla Model S airborne as a result of driving too fast for his own good. Local CCTV footage, as well as dashcam videos, captured the Model S doing its best Fast and the Furious impersonation, traveling through the air for almost 100 feet before gravity took hold of it and sent it back down to earth. The Model S may have stuck its landing, but the driver was unable to regain control of the car, which managed to skid across a highway, hopped a curb, careened into a school parking lot, and hit a tree.

It sounds like a stunt attempt from Fast and the Furious, but it was actually far from one. According to local police, the driver of the Tesla Model S was traveling at a significant speed when he reached a railroad crossing. The incline of the road caused the Model S to literally fly though the air like a 5,000-pound long-jumper, clearing almost 100 feet before the electric sedan made contact with the road again.

Unfortunately for the driver, he couldn’t regain control of his Model S after his version of an aerial assault. The Tesla continued to skid at a great distance before being forced to a complete stop after colliding with a tree.

There are different footages from different angles of the jump, all of which show the Model S’s headlights streaking through the air at tremendous speeds.

On the other hand, there’s no footage of the car’s collision with the tree, but local reports say that the Model S lost a rear wheel in the crash, possibly explaining why the driver couldn’t regain control of it when he had the chance.

The good news is that the driver didn’t suffer any serious injuries from his dramatic leap of faith. He was taken to a nearby hospital and treated for minor injuries, but he’s still in good shape even with his brush with the heavens. He was, however, charged with dangerous driving, as he should be. Reports say that he has a court hearing scheduled on October 1, at which time he’ll likely discover that no aerial stunts go unpunished, especially if you destroy some property in the process.

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