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Senner Tuning Squeezes An Extra 10% From The Tesla Model 3 Performance

An extra 60 kilometers is a very big deal when you are taking your electric car on a long trip!

Tuning cars has gotten a lot harder since EVs have hit the market, and there’s usually no real need for more power, so what are you to do? Well, Senner Tuning set out to squeeze even more range out of the Tesla Model 3 performance. It actually managed to do so, squeezing out an extra 60 km of range or around 37.28 miles. What’s even more impressive is that it happened without altering the better or playing with Tesla’s software.

The big highlight of this tune, believe it or not, is the new suspension system. The stock springs and shocks were removed and replaced with KW Variant 3 coilover suspension. This system allows for stepless body lowering and adjustments to control both the compression and rebound stages. The big point here, though is the new lowered stance that actually improves the ride and reduces wind resistance by around 7-percent on a Model 3 RWD, so you can expect a similar enhancement with the Model 3 Performance. The next step was adding in new weight-optimized tires and rims that reduced rotating mass by as much as 40-percent – something that can increase range by as much as 57 km. The wheels you see here are lightweight Kharma rims from Cor.Speed Sports Wheels. The measure 20 inches and feature a two-tone finish from left to right.

In the end, all it took was a revised suspension and lighter wheels to push the Model 3 Performance’s range to 634 km or 387 miles.

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Senner Tuning: Tuning experts optimize dynamics, comfort and range of Tesla Model 3 Performance

As performance optimization and individual styling specialists, the Ingelheim am Rhein-based technicians at Senner Tuning have built an outstanding reputation in recent decades – not only in the Rhine-Main area and the surrounding region, but well beyond as well. Senner Tuning is renowned for its genuine technical expertise, which it combines with stringent quality standards, consistently faultless documentation and accurate entries in vehicle documentation.

Benno Senner and his team have now turned their attention to a rather unusual subject for the tuning scene: the Tesla Model 3. You might well be wondering whether tuning an electric car actually makes sense? Well, the answer is clear: yes, it does! The benefits appear not only in terms of a more sporty look and optimized driving behavior but also in terms of a parameter that is far more important to EV owners than those who drive cars with combustion engines, namely the vehicle’s range.

As an established KW Performance Partner for more than 20 years, Senner Tuning naturally turned to a product from the Fichtenberg-based experts to upgrade the Tesla Model 3’s suspension. In their work on the Tesla Model 3 Performance shown here, the tuners installed a KW Variant 3 coilover suspension that not only allows for stepless body lowering but also makes it possible to configure the compression and rebound stages separately.

The ability to make such delicate adjustments enables more dynamic yet also comfortable handling than with the series suspension, which is often criticized as being wooden and indifferent. That’s not all, though, as lowering the body also reduces overall wind resistance. Tests by the leading German electric car rental company Nextmove showed that a Tesla Model 3 (RWD) fitted with the KW Variant 3 coilover suspension benefited from a reduction of up to 7%. You can expect even more from this Model 3 Performance if Senner Tuning tunes its suspension to perfection and equips this EV with weight-optimized tire/rim combinations in OEM dimensions, which can reduce the rotating mass by up to 40% compared to the factory-fitted wheels. This can boost the range by up to 10% – which, in the case of the top-of-the-range model with all-wheel drive (which Tesla claims has a range of 567km when leaving the factory), means an additional 57km.

Senner Tuning fitted the Tesla Model 3 Performance shown here with lightweight Kharma rims from Cor.Speed Sports Wheels. Produced using the flow-forming process, these rims measure 9x20" with Bridgestone Potenza Sport tires measuring 245/35ZR20 on the front axle and 10x20" with 275/30ZR20 tires on the rear axle. While the Kharma wheels on the left side of the vehicle have a hi-gloss brushed bronze finish, the rims of the right side have a more neutral brushed silver finish.

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