Audio specialist, Sennheiser, may have lost some ground with the release of the highly popular Monster Beat headphones, but rest assured, when it comes to top flight quality, you can’t do any better than these guys.

And now that they’re collaborating with BMW Group DesignworksUSA, they’ve got something that should pique the interests of auto and audiophiles all over the world. Their latest work is the S1 Digital Pilot headphones, which was recently unveiled at AirVenture 2011 in Oshkosh.

The headphones comes with an inner metal band made of spring steel that makes it suitable for just about any kind of head shape it gets put in. Likewise, it also comes with two thick soft pads that allow it to be pressed firmly without making contact to the sensitive parts of the ear. These ear cups also take the shape of the sweep of a wing, hence the aviation theme of the whole product. The S1 Digital Pilot also has an ergonomic feature that allows people wearing glasses to fit the headphones comfortably without having to adjust their glasses all the time.

More details on the Sennheiser S1 Digital Pilot Headphones by BMW after the jump.

Another distinct feature of the S1 Digital Pilot is the elaborate control module that comes with a contoured grip and a streamlined interface with high-contrast icons and LED graphics that make it suitable when its dark.

Sennheiser S1 Digital Pilot Headphones by BMW Products
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Then there are the other nifty technological features of the headphones, including a NoiseGuard active noise cancellation system, mono/stereo operation, adjustable muting, and Bluetooth transmission functions.
The S1 Digital Pilot also offers wireless connection to mobile phones and an audio source with a pair of AA batteries powering the NoiseGard / digital noise cancellation system.

It’s not going to the market popularity of those Monster Beats, but when it comes to aesthetics, functionality, and technological quirks, there are few headphones in the market that can rival the S1 Digital Pilot. The fact that it has imprints from BMW is the cherry on the sundae.

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  (378) posted on 10.21.2011

You can use this headphones while driving! smiley Only if you know how to concentrate. Hehe. I found this headphones cool enough for every music lovers and car lovers as well. A priced possession for everyone.

  (231) posted on 08.25.2011

First of all, what do headphones doing in here? I really hate extended merchandise.

  (287) posted on 08.25.2011

haha. This would be a funny merchandise. I don’t get on why they have put this one in the car section. This is the lamest thing that I have seen!

  (595) posted on 08.1.2011

This is rarely different from other headphone I’ve seen in the market. The competitors of this one will surely lose its sale. I think this headphone will be an expensive one since it has an impressive feature.

  (231) posted on 08.1.2011

This accessory really adds to reason of the distraction of drivers in the road. Hell! I’m freaking on this idea and I cannot figure out on why does the BMW needs to join in this nonsense trend.

  (372) posted on 08.1.2011

Oh yeah! I think the extended merchandise offer here is getting worst for it doesn’t have any connection on cars! I really don’t get why this article is in the car section!

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