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The evolution in car design is one of the biggest identifiers into how far the auto industry has come in the last 50 years. Classic designs from years-gone-by have given way to modern designs that sit on the shoulders of cutting-edge technology. There’s no going around how things have changed in the industry, but what if there was a way to mesh the classic designs of yesteryear with today’s design language? Would the results be something you’d be interested in? Would you cringe and run away from them as fast as possible?

Fortunately, we won’t have to imagine what those cars would look like. Marketing agency NeoMam Studios prepared a few renderings of these cars, which we’re going to show below. There are seven renderings in total, with each car getting an injection of old-school design touches. Not everything worked out as well I’d hope, but you might have different reactions altogether. Let us know in the comments section below how you feel about the renderings.

Aston Martin DB11 Retro Concept

Seven Modern Cars With A Retro Twist
- image 746862

I like how this turned out. You can clearly see elements of the modern DB11 in the front. The headlights, the front grille, and the hood are all straight out of the DB11. Meanwhile, the bumper is straight out of the DB5. It’s the same thing with the wheels. The rest of the body features a blend of the two vehicles. The upright windshield is a callback to the iconic Aston Martin but as the roof approaches the rear section, the shape takes a more streamlined turn, departing from the boxy look of the DB5. Overall, there’s good balance in this rendering. Both the DB11 and DB5 are well-represented and there shift from the design of one car to the other doesn’t feel forced.

Mercedes-AMG GT Retro Concept

Seven Modern Cars With A Retro Twist
- image 746861

I’m not a fan of this one. This is what the Aston Martin DB11 Retro Concept avoided. I do appreciate the references to the AMG GT on the front, specifically the headlights and the front grille. What I didn’t like is how busy and front-heavy the car looks. The modern AMG grille already attracts a lot of attention, but when you add that long hood and the front bumper of the 300SL, the result is too many things happening in such a small space. The rest of the car looks great, especially the use of the 300SL’s side intakes. Shorten the length of the front hood and use the 300SL’s grille and this rendering could look a lot better.

Ford Mustang Retro Concept

Seven Modern Cars With A Retro Twist
- image 746860

This one is a beauty. I love everything about it. I love that references were used on more than just two versions of the Mustang. I love that even with a big canvas to work on, the finished product still looks like a proper Mustang. The modern front end blends seamlessly with the old-school rear section. It’s the latter that really takes this rendering to another level. Those imposing fenders look like well-tuned traps, creating the look of a perfectly toned muscle car. The hood scoop is also a nice touch. Of all the renderings in this article, this is the one that stands out as something that I would love to see come to life.

Bugatti Chiron Retro Concept

Seven Modern Cars With A Retro Twist
- image 746864

I’ll say this about the Bugatti Chiron Retro Concept: no shame was spared in the rendering of this car. I can see a pocket of people who’d appreciate the use of design elements from the Type 57C. I just don’t think it works. The separate front bumpers look completely out-of-place on the Chiron-inspired front section. I wouldn’t have added them in the first place. Those intakes on the front would’ve been fine on their own. Leave it like that as opposed to adding front bumpers that don’t do anything aesthetically. As messy as that looks. the rear section is the real eyesore in this rendering. I’m sorry, but if you’re going to use the Chiron as the modern inspiration in this rendering, there’s no way the finished product works if you’re going to go old-school in the design of the rear section. Not only are those wheel covers aerodynamic hindrances, but they just look completely out-of-place in this kind of rendering. This one could’ve been a lot better if it wasn’t too ambitious.

Aud R8 Retro Concept

Seven Modern Cars With A Retro Twist
- image 746865

I find the Audi R8 Retro Concept rendering to be the opposite of the Bugatti Chiron Retro Concept. There’s not enough here to make this rendering stand out. If you look real close, the only notable elements from the R8 are the side blades and the rear shape of the car. Every other bit is a mix of old-school Audi’s that make the rendering look like a convoluted mess. If you’re going to use the R8’s name to identify this retro concept, shouldn’t you have more noticeable references to the R8 in the rendering? It’s not the case here so I’m having trouble seeing anything that’s worth remembering.

Ferrari LaFerrari Retro Concept

Seven Modern Cars With A Retro Twist
- image 746863

I like the Ford Mustang Retro Concept the best. The Ferrari LaFerrari Retro Concept is a close second. My only concern about this rendering is how the low the front end sits. It’s a little too close to the ground for my liking. Other than that, this rendering hits all the right spots, right down to the use of the LaFerrari’s front section and the cockpit-style interior. Combine that with the elegant length of the legendary Ferrari F40 and this creation hits all the right spots. It’s a Ferrari that I wouldn’t mind seeing on the road today.

Dodge Charger Retro Concept

Seven Modern Cars With A Retro Twist
- image 746866

Ok, I’m changing my mind. The Ferrari LaFerrari Retro Concept gets bumped down to third place in my personal rankings of this list. The Ford Mustang Retro Concept slides into second and the Dodge Charger Retro Concept takes its place as the best of the lot. Look at it. Everything about it speaks muscle and performances, right down to the perfect design balance attributed to the Charger Daytona and the Plymouth Superbird. I’ve always been fascinated with these so-called “Wing Cars,” and to see them combined into one car is a sight to behold. This is the best rendering of the lot, and it’s not even close.

Source: Jennings Motor Group

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