In a statement made yesterday Mercedes-Benz USA reported that they are going to recall a number of Mercedes SLR McLaren, 2005-2006 models with regard to the alternator. A certain numaber of Viano and Vito will also be recalled.

For the SLR, the company had discovered that under hard conditions, the engine compartment temperatures can increase to a level which exceeds the design parameters for the alternator, and thus creates the potential for an engine compartment fire. A damaged alternator cannot assure sufficient voltage to supply the vehicle electrical system. If this condition occurs, the driver will first be informed of alternator damage by the instrument cluster multifunction displays indicating the shut down of some vehicle comfort features such as A/C, radio, etc.

If voltage drops further, the multifunction display will indicate "Battery/Alternator Stop Vehicle." In that case the driver should shut off the vehicle and contact an authorized Mercedes-Benz dealer and have the vehicle towed in for repair. The dealer will improve engine compartment cooling, install a modified control unit and a new alternator.

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