We have a pretty bad news for all of you who were waiting to bring home a Shelby GT500 to enjoy for yourself. It looks like the American automaker will only build 300 units of this ultimate pony car. The plant had a capacity of making 2,000 GT500s for 2010, but since there are 1,700 blank build sheets, it looks like those workers will be able to clock out early.

Most dealerships will only receive 1 Shelby GT500 a piece, the premiums will certainly go through the roof. It looks like if you have already placed an order it will be filled, but if you want to put your John Hancock on one of those pink slips. The 21st century Shelby will certainly become an instantaneous collectors item when they do quickly move off of dealer’s lots.

*UPDATE: Autoblog reached out to Ford representatives to confirm the validity of the Team Shelby document, the automaker has officially denied the claims. Apparently the 2010 Mustang GT500 production has NOT been limited to 2,000 units, and the report is inaccurate. Ford does not report volume figures for the GT500.


Source: Teamshelby

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