Just in case it wasn’t abundantly obvious at this point, the 2017 Ford GT that dropped last week at the Detroit Auto Show pretty much hit the automotive world like a 200-mph ton of bricks. Despite a cornucopia of amazing cars on display, all eyes were focused on the blue oval’s latest supercar creation, with critics and fans drooling over details on the new engine, transmission, and most of all, that screamingly good exterior design.

With so much gas-powered goodness going around, it should comes as no surprise that your favorite YouTube car-hunter, Shmee150, was in attendance for a few traditional hand-held narratives. In this video, viewers are treated to a close-up view of the new Ford, with a full walkaround and analysis of those details you might have missed from the press shots.

Included in full-HD glory are particulars like the twin exhaust, taillights, aerodynamics, headlamps, front air intakes, wheels, and brakes. There’s even a quick comparison with the previous-generation GT and original GT40 for styling contrast.

Seeing all three of these vehicles back-to-back-to-back is a real treat, as are the zooms on the new GT’s particulars. If you didn’t happen to make it to Detroit this year, don’t worry: Shmee is here to allay that apprehension with some of the best bits of the show.

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2017 Ford GT

2017 Ford GT High Resolution Exterior
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As a descendant of the legendary Le Mans champion, the new Ford GT brings with it quite a few expectations. However, this latest invention from the blue oval scoffs at preconception, and instead seeks to haul that 1960s racer all the way to 2015 in one swift heave.

A lot of that jump is in the engine sitting behind the cockpit. I wouldn’t be surprised if the atmosphere was momentarily thinner last week due to a collective gasp rendered by the announcement that the new Ford GT would bear a 3.5-liter, twin-turbo, EcoBoost V-6, rather than the traditional V-8. While the new motor might replace two cylinders with double boost, output should be no less impressive, with total horsepower set to eclipse the 600 mark.

The transmission is also a step toward the present, with no manual in sight. Instead, the new GT will come with a seven-speed, dual-clutch transaxle.

With enormous, 20-inch wheels and traction-happy Michelins, performance specs should ring with a 0-to-60 of under four seconds and a top speed of 200 mph. All at an expected price range of $125,000.

What’s more, the release of this new supercar has spurred speculation that Ford will once again return to Le Mans racing, reigniting its infamous rivalry with Ferrari. Should the rumors turn out to be true, the world is in store for some truly epic motorsport in the future.

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