Of the many problems there are to worry about in life, not knowing how to remove the hardtop from a Pagani Zonda 760 Roadster would be a nice one to have. But if you ever do have the pleasure of crossing paths with one of these ultra-rare hypercars, Schmee150 has just released a video showing exactly what it takes to open up the Zonda’s closed cockpit to the elements.

This particular Zonda is reportedly a one-off creation, and it was visiting the London detailing shop to have protective film applied to its blue carbon-fiber body panels. Although the roof panel is super lightweight, made of just carbon fiber and only slightly more fabric than your typical loincloth, it still requires two people for its removal in order to not damage the engine’s snorkel intake, which sits just about the roofline.

After covering up the air intake and opening up the rear clamshell engine cover – an amazing process in itself – then it’s time to get to work taking the top off. There are a total of 12 snaps that hold the rear cloth portion of the roof in the place, while a center latch and two rotating clasps on each B-pillar keep the carbon fiber secured.

This roof-removal demonstration took about 90 seconds from start to finish, which means that it would likely take less time to get this car up to its top speed of well over 200 mph (several times over) than it would to get this Pagani to go topless.

Pagani Zonda 760 Roadster

2014 Pagani Zonda 760 Exterior
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The newest in a seemingly endless line of Pagani Zondas was just unveiled.
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