When it comes to bespoke McLaren supercars, the brand’s Special Operations division is responsible for the most diverse P1 and 650S models, ranging from limited-editions to unique cars tailored to customer-provided specs. We’ve seen about a half dozen 650S units leave the MSO shop in 2014, but none was quite as spectacular as the newly developed "Project Kilo." In case you missed our review, this one-off 650S is equipped with a host of carbon-fiber features, including the roof, air brake, rear bumper and diffuser, side vents, side skirts, front splitter, and door-mirror arms and caps.

And that barely covers the exterior, as this McLaren also sports unique wheels with titanium nuts, bespoke logos, and exclusive Kilo Gray paint, along with several interior add-ons. What makes it even more special is that its name stands for three different things. Besides hinting that this is the lightest factory 650S yet, the "K" in "Kilo" also represents the Kiwi bird, a reference to New Zealand, the birthplace of company founder Bruce McLaren, as well as the owners name. All told, "Project Kilo" is a formidable supercar that speaks volumes of what MSO is capable of when commissioned to create a bespoke McLaren.

The only downside of this project was that the Brits released only a few photos of the actual vehicle, leaving us craving for more. Well, thanks to supercar spotter Shmee150, who stumbled across "Project Kilo" at a detailing shop in London, that’s no longer an issue.

Shmee spends six full minutes talking about this special 650S, highlighting the numerous carbon-fiber add-ons and all the other exclusive features MSO crafted for "Project Kilo." He even gives us a full tour of the interior, as well as a quick peek under the hood, where the supercar hides aluminum water and oil-filter caps with McLaren Orange logos, a gold-plated exhaust heat shield and an orange Kiwi bird on the the engine cover. Hit the play button for your best look yet at the 650S "Project Kilo."

2015 McLaren MSO 650S "Project Kilo"

2015 McLaren MSO 650S "Project Kilo" High Resolution Exterior
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