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Better to drive a slow car fast than a fast car slow

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Sliding behind the wheel of some big, nasty sports car with a bajillion horsepower and tires wider than Wisconsin certainly has its appeal. That said, beating a bajillion-horsepower sports car with a lightweight little econobox also has its appeal. And while YouTuber Shmee150 certainly has loads of experience with the former, this video shows him trying out the latter. The featured vehicle this time is called the Sub 7Up - a modified, stripped-down Volkswagen Up! with the potential to spank the venerable Ferrari 430 Scuderia on the Nürburgring. No, seriously.

Horsepower Is One Thing, Talent Is Something Else Entirely

For those of you who may be unaware, the Volkswagen Up! is a tiny little front-wheel drive hatchback city car with a tiny little 1.0-liter three-cylinder engine. It’s great for zipping around town and keeping money in your pocket at the pump, but for track days, it’s probably not gonna be your first choice.

Unless, of course, you’re talking about the Sub 7Up. It used to have 90 horsepower, but now it has 125 horsepower at the wheels. Sure, it’s still not all that impressive compared to something like a Ferrari, but with a feathery curb weight, those 125 ponies go a long way. In stock form, the Up! weighs in at about 2,000 pounds. However, the Sub 7Up is totally stripped down, which means there’s even less heft to manage in the corners. Throw in some substantial suspension upgrades and sticky tires, and suddenly the playing field starts to look a little more even.

Shmee Rides Shotgun In a Ferrari-Beating Volkswagen Up: Video
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Taking the wheel is Misha Charoudin, a Nürburgring veteran and a rather talented hot shoe that knows all the details of the Green Hell. Throughout the video, Shmee sits shotgun while Misha provides a running commentary on how to drive the Nürburgring, including what to do in terms of steering, throttle, and brake inputs.

The whole thing is shot inside the cabin space, and clearly, Misha knows what he’s doing. Posting a decent lap time with a car like the Sub 7Up is all about momentum, which means you’ve gotta have the skill to pitch it into the corners - something Misha demonstrates by passing a Ferrari 430 Scuderia!

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