• Shmee Tests R3 Wheels Ferrari 458 Speciale: Video

This video starts off as a look at a new set of wheels by R3 Wheels that have been fitted to a Ferrari 458 Speciale. We’re told a little bit about the wheels, and shown the car, which is wearing a Marlboro-inspired livery. The reviewer then takes it out onto the streets of Monaco and the theme of the video seems to shift from showing off the wheels to showing off the car’s FI exhaust system, which admittedly sounds pretty impressive.

He drives around on a mountain road for a bit first, as a means of showing off the different sounds the exhaust makes throughout the rev range, and then does a bit of city driving as well. The city driving includes a nighttime stop to show off the car’s ability to shoot flames to some locals. It doesn’t tells us much more about the wheels, but watching someone talk about wheels for four and half minutes would have been exceedingly tedious anyway. There is an Audi R8 in the video as well, also wearing some R3 wheels. These have been made to look like some of the racing wheels that Audi used to use in the 80s, but whether they look right on an R8 is your call.

Ferrari 458 Speciale

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