• Shmee150 Delivers Update on the State of His Beloved McLaren Senna

It’s been two months since the Senna was involved in a road accident

Two months after figuring into a road mishap that resulted in significant damages to his McLaren Senna, YouTube star Shmee150 has returned to give us an update on the state of his beloved supercar. Turns out, the Senna remains in the hands of McLaren where it’s still in the middle of getting repaired.

Specific parts that were damaged from the road accident have just arrived in the McLaren workshop so it will still take a few months before the Senna is restored, good as new, and returned to its anxious winner. The video isn’t just about Shmee150. It also gives us a good look at the inner workings of McLaren’s car repair process and the painstaking lengths and attention-to-detail that comes with making sure that every square inch of the Senna is investigated, prodded over, and repaired if the situation calls of it. At some point in the next few months, Shmee150 will be reunited with his McLaren Senna. But for now, it remains in the hands of McLaren, waiting for the automaker to bring it back to life.

There is a part of me that feels bad for Shmee150. Imagine driving your McLaren Senna peacefully on your way to the 2019 Goodwood Festival of Speed when a truck comes into contact with your supercar, damaging the driver’s side door, glass, and significant body panels. It’s a crushing feeling knowing the damage that was caused and the extent of the repairs that lay ahead.

That doesn’t even take into account the endless calls with lawyers and insurance companies, which are headaches by themselves. But since nothing could be done at that point to instantly fix the Senna, Shmee bit the bullet and started the long, tedious, and time-consuming effort to repair his Senna.

It says a lot about the intricacies involved in repairing a supercar like the Senna that after two months since the ill-fated road mishap, repairs to the Senna have yet to get started. Shmee showed us as much, paying a visit to the McLaren workshop where his stripped-down Senna was, sitting rather gloomily in one corner as all the new parts needed to get it back to brand new shape are starting to arrive.

With little else to do but see how far the repairs have progressed, Shmee gives us an in-depth look at the damages the Senna sustained, right down to the smallest of details that either need a full replacement or extensive restoration. Little nicks in the supercar’s rear wing and rear wheel are particularly gut-wrenching, largely because these parts need to be completely replaced despite the seemingly infinitesimal damages they sustained. Whereas some of these issues could be ignored in other cars, the same can’t be said for a car that’s as technically engineered to perfection as the McLaren Senna.

Shmee150 Delivers Update on the State of His Beloved McLaren Senna
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Fortunately, Shmee doesn’t seem to be that devastated anymore about the accident that led to the current state of the Senna. There’s a good chance that he’s not paying for any of the damages so that’s probably why he seems upbeat about the repair process that’s about to take place. He’ll have to wait a few more months before the Senna is fully restored, but that kind of wait is a small price to pay if it means that his Senna drives out of that workshop later this year in tip-top condition.

The accident could’ve been avoidable, sure, but at least the Senna isn’t a total loss. Come November — or maybe earlier than that — it should return to its natural habitat. Here’s to hoping there are no trucks within its vicinity when that time comes.

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