• Siemens’ Self-Driving Mustang Struggles Up the Goodwood Hill (Video)

Getting modern tech to work isn’t always easy

More and more automakers are entering the autonomous car business in an effort to make traffic safer for both drivers and pedestrians. But, while car makers are developing state-of-the-art vehicles, Siemens added self-driving technology to a first-generation Ford Mustang. And the pony car was just showcased at the 2018 Goodwood Festival of Speed.

Unfortunately for Siemens, things didn't go as planned at Goodwood, as the pony car struggled to complete the Hillclimb course

Developed with the help of Cranfield University, a science and engineering school in England, Location scanning technology from Bentley Systems is used to create an accurate 3D scan of the track, which is later loaded into the car’s onboard computer. This basically means that it should find it easy to navigate as it only needs to follow pre-programmed instructions.

Unfortunately for Siemens, things didn’t go as planned at Goodwood, as the pony car struggled to complete the Hillclimb course. Although it navigated at low speed, the car showed a tendency to steer toward the haybales, needing input from the security driver. This even happened on the straight sections, a sign that Siemens’ technology still needs a bit of work. The run is actually a bit funny, as it seems like the Mustang is being driven by a drunk driver.

Jokes aside, Siemens deserves a hand for bringing the car to Goodwood despite these issues. New technology is difficult to master, and it often requires time more than anything.

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