Siemens VDO has developed sensors that listen to an auto crash to determine the location and severity to determine how best to deploy the airbags and seat belt restraints.

The fact that minor collisions (Allianz Centerfor Technology, 16 km/h) and serious collisions (EURO NCAP 64 km/h) initiallyhave the same rate of deceleration makes it difficult to adapt an airbag system to different crash scenarios.

That has now changed with our CISS solution,a world first in crash sensing. The sound caused by the car’s body panels/structure as they deform under impactis used to recognize the severity of the accident.The key innovation here is the speedwith which the sound is detected. Airbag deployment can take place up to 15 milliseconds earlier than with conventional systems.The result is a considerable increase in driver safety.

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