There may be a new electric sports car to kick around. The Sigma GTE goes rummaging around in Ford’s parts bin and comes out with an electrified Mustang. It’s an all-wheel drive electric car that uses two Advance Motors DC motors connected directly to front and rear Ford differentials. Each motor provides a of peak 100 hp each, running at 144 volts.

All of this is built around a fiberglass body with a previous generation Mustang interior. The lithium-ion batteries should be good for 100 miles per charge.

Like any good startup company, Sigma has very ambitions plans. It wants to to start selling cars in 2010 and producing 500 examples per year. Considering the established benchmark, the Tesla Roadster, has taken orders for about 1,100 examples in a little over a year (and has only build of around 320 them), Sigma’s plans are very ambitious indeed.

Press release after the jump.

Press release

Sigma Motorworks, Inc, an US-based development stage company, announced the final construction stage of its electric sports car prototype, the Sigma GTE.

The GTE brings up innovative features in its electric drive system. The car is powered by two Advance Motors DC motors connected directly (no gearbox) to the front and rear Ford differentials and providing peak 100 hp each, running at 144 volts.

The prototype was built around a Ford Mustang cockpit for enhanced safety and improved interior quality, providing comfortable seating for 4 people. The body was designed by Sigma and is made of reinforced fiberglass.

"This project is a test bed for a commercial high performance sports model we will bring to the market by early 2010, when we expect to sell 500 cars," said Matias Gorfinkiel, head of operations.

Maximum speed is expected at 145 mph and the lithium-ion cell packs should provide up to 100 miles range. "This will be one of the fastest electric cars in the world," said Steve Kase, head of development. "And it’s one of the few all-wheel electric cars around," he adds.

The GTE prototype awaits final components before test drive in James Island (SC) where it was built.

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pdaix  (431) posted on 04.6.2009

This looks like a Mercedes CL500 lowered and uglier of course smiley

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