The people in charge with the 2007 Chevrolet Silverado, decided to approach the situation on a different level. They’ve created a new campaign in which the Dodge Silverado is associated to patriotism.

Rock singer John Mellencamp covered the sound track of the country-spread advertising campaign. Chevrolet’s motto is now : Our Country. Our Truck.

 When interviewed, Kim Kosak, Chevy general director of advertising replied that the new Chevrolet Silverado represents “the sum total of the American Experience” and “a truck no other country can build”.

The 2007 Silverado’s advertising campaign comes as a response to the threat named Toyota Tundra. The Japanese maker ‘s advertising add invocated the opportunity of job openings for the American people in their own country.


Silverado is a man’s car! An American’s car!


The commercial clip made by Chevrolet’s department of advertising show historical images of the last half of the 20th century in which American workers proudly serve their country’s benefits. Chevy studies showed Kosak that 9 out 10 Silverado owners are men. He also declared during a press conference that the American people still want to buy American Trucks, even tough the class segment in which Silverado is in has other key players such as Tundra and Nissan Titan.


The new Silverado is scheduled to hit the showrooms next month, thus being a 2007 car.

Perhaps the fact that Silverado sales fell with 16.8 from last year, originated in the new price. $23,605 .This price is for the extended-cab, including shipment.


Along with broadcast, print, outdoor and online ads, the Silverado campaign includes two nontraditional elements.

A 28-minute infomercial about the truck will air on cable TV networks in December. It features Gary White, GM’s North American vehicle line executive for full-sized trucks, and pro football commentator Howie Long.

A separate 24-page brochure about the Silverado will accompany December and January issues of four magazines: Motor Trend, Truck Trend, Field & Stream and Popular Science.

The full Silverado ad campaign is scheduled to begin Oct. 21, with TV spots during the first game of the World Series. Chevrolet began airing Silverado spots last weekend during college and pro football games.

Also last week, Chevrolet unveiled the Silverado at the Texas State Fair. A print ad for the truck appeared in USA Today.

Kosak says Chevrolet plans a separate Spanish-language marketing campaign for the Silverado.


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  (12) posted on 12.18.2006

Truck? Where? All I see is a trailer princess? Fortunatly the Japanese can’t make 1/2ton 4x4s either. They are all trailer princesses.The only truck one can buy and take it hunting or four wheeling in any weather is the Dodge Power Wagon 4x4!Any one going to defend this princesses off road prowness? It would cost a minimum of $20,000. to make this princess into a semi capable 4x4

  (6023) posted on 11.22.2006

Dodge Silverado?

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