• Sing Praise to Prior Design As They Fix the BMW M4’s Grille

BMW’s bucktooth grille design leaves a lot of room for tuners to fill in

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It’s safe to say that BMW’s new take on the front grille for the 4 Series, M3, and M4 has rapidly split its fan base in two camps. Even we raised a lot of eyebrows while looking at the press photos but a recent first contact review with the 4 Series taught us that the loathed grille looks a lot better in the metal.

Still, this aspect hasn’t stopped Prior Design from developing a fix for those wanting a more traditional grille approach on their M4.

To bucktooth or not to bucktooth - that is the question!

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BMW firmly believes that the new grille it created for the likes of 4 Series, M3, and M4 isn’t about “the product being pretty or ugly” but more about “really making a statement and being unmistakably just one product.” These are the words of Domagoj Dukec, Head of BMW Design, in an interview for Driving.

Reading between the lines, this might mean that BMW expects the grille to somehow grow on people, although that might take some time and knowing how customers aren’t always patient, Prior Design came up with a more eye-friendly approach of the M4’s grille.

Sing Praise to Prior Design As They Fix the BMW M4's Grille
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In the video hosted by Andreas Belzek, Prior Design head honcho, the company is showcasing a handful of renders that feature a more toned down front grille ready to adorn the new M4’s face. At some point in the video, Mr. Belzek even admits that he’s a big fan of the BMW M8, so one of the grille versions looks a lot like BMW’s flagship sports car.

At the same time, BMW Blog reports that Prior Design is yet to decide whether it will offer the grille or not. The tuner is currently looking to gauge reactions and impressions from fans and customers before moving forward with the project.

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