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This custom 964-Gen Porsche 911 Will Probably Haunt Your Dreams In a Good Way

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California-based Singer is known for doing impressive restoration work to classic Porsche 911s, but what it’s revealed today essentially takes the company to an all-new level. The 964-gen 911 you see here isn’t a 911 Safari, not by any means. It’s actually what Singer calls “The ACS.” If you’re not familiar with the name, ACS stands for All-Terrain Competition Study, and as you can see, Singer has turned this 911 into an ultimate off-road rally weapon.

Singer ACS – A 964-Gen Porsche 911 With A True Purpose

Singer ACS - The 964-Gen Porsche 911 Safari Of Your Dreams Wallpaper quality Exterior High Resolution
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This Singer ACS is based on a 1990 964-Gen Porsche 911 and was apparently built on request from an “existing, long-term, special” Stringer client that was just itching to have an air-cooled 911 that could “compete in off-road racing and demonstrate all-terrain exploration capabilities.” Here’s the real kicker, though: This client actually purchased two – the white one we’ve showcased here that’s designed for rally and off-road exploration and a red one that’s built for “high-speed, high-grip tarmac events.” I don’t know about you, but to us, it doesn’t seem like either car will be garage queens, and that concept is almost as beautiful as the cars themselves.

Singer ACS - The 964-Gen Porsche 911 Safari Of Your Dreams Wallpaper quality Exterior High Resolution
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With that introduction out of the way, it’s time to talk about power, and the Singer ACS isn’t lacking.

It’s powered by a twin-turbo, air-cooled, 3.6-liter, flat-six that’s delivers around 450 horsepower.

But, that’s not the full extent of it, as the owner can extract even more power via computer tuning on demand for different events, should it be needed. A five-speed sequential transmission handles shifting duties and all that raw power is sent to the permanent all-wheel-drive system. Other rally prep includes a longer-range fuel tank, 5-mm thick removable underbody protective panels, and two full size tire-wheel combos. In short, this baby can be repaired easily in the middle of nowhere if needed.

Singer ACS - The 964-Gen Porsche 911 Safari Of Your Dreams Interior High Resolution
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Moving on, the entire body – well, every body panel, that is – is constructed of carbon fiber. All four wheels feature four-piston brake calipers, and the long-travel suspension features two five-way adjustable dampers on each corner (8 shocks in total compared to the 4 on your Porsche 911). Naturally, the interior has a built-in FIA-spec roll cage, FIA-spec bucket seats, and there’s a hydraulic handbrake lever too. A huge screen with navigation means the owner will never get lost.

Singer ACS - The 964-Gen Porsche 911 Safari Of Your Dreams Wallpaper quality Exterior High Resolution
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Of course, this isn’t just an old 911 that’s been cobbled together with random parts in someone’s back yard. Singer does the job right. As an example, the rear bumper on the ACS was milled from a single piece of aluminum. Let’s see you do that in your back yard – I don’t think you will. With all of this said, there’s no word on what a built like this from Singer costs, but it’s apparently “a bit more” than what Singer normally builds.

Other Singer models consistently run close to the seven-figure mark, so you can bet the owner paid a pretty penny to have both built.

If you have that kind of cheddar to spend, though, the owner has given the okay for Singer to replicate this exact build for any future customer should they want the same exact configuration so something like this isn’t entirely out of reach.

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Special Partnership with 911 Rally and Motorsport Specialist Richard Tuthill

Turbo-charged, AWD, all-terrain capabilities
First restoration by Singer developed to client’s motorsport specification

LOS ANGELES and Oxfordshire, UK — January 05, 2021 — At the request of a long-term client, Singer has looked to a golden era of Porsche rallying in the 1980s, and to automotive heroes including the 911 SC/RS and 959, to reimagine his air-cooled 911s as World Rally Championship-inspired, all-terrain competition machines.

Singer’s latest services will enable their clients to go off-road racing, with a Porsche 911 modified by Singer for all-terrain use. The results of the All-terrain Competition Study (ACS) will be shown on Singer’s Instagram channel @singervehicledesign from 8am PST/4pm GMT on January 5, 2021. A selection of images can be found at: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/ae157m35eo7y193/AACZK37i8ABXTkcP0LY1QUcba?dl=0 with all photos and video credited to Singer Vehicle Design.

The All-terrain Competition Study has been undertaken by Singer, in partnership with renowned 911 rally specialist Richard Tuthill, in response to the request from their client for modifications to his air-cooled Porsche 911 that would enable the car to compete in off-road racing and to demonstrate extensive all-terrain exploration capabilities. To highlight the broad repertoire of the ACS, the client has commissioned two machines, one - in Singer’s iconic Parallax White - focused on high-speed desert rallying and a second – in Corsica Red - configured for high-speed, high-grip tarmac events and disciplines.

Porsche 911s prepared by UK-based off-road competition specialist Richard Tuthill have dominated rally events for decades, with recent victory in the 2019 East African Safari Classic marking a remarkable 4th win in the grueling 5000km event across Kenya and Tanzania. These successes sit alongside deep expertise from the world of WRC competition and events such as the Paris-Dakar.

Modification services developed for the Porsche 911 Reimagined by Singer – All-terrain Competition Study include:

Off-road competition capability, conceived with events such as the Baja 1000 and Dakar Rally in mind, but suitable for a range of surfaces
Dramatically increased ride height, suspension travel and overall strength
Carbon fiber body panels suited to quick replacement and easy underbody access
Permanent AWD
A twin-turbocharged, 3.6L, air-cooled flat-six with power starting at 450hp.
Sequential racing transmission with front, centre and rear limited-slip differentials.
Summary Technical Specifications

1990 Type 964 Porsche 911
Core strengthening to monocoque for heavy duty off-road use, carbon fiber body panels and off-road race modifications including:
Suspension, wheels and brakes

Specialised long-travel suspension with twin, 5-way adjustable dampers per corner
(8 dampers total).
Forged aluminium 8x16” wheels with BF Goodrich All-Terrain tyres.
4-piston, monobloc steel disc brakes with hydraulic handbrake.

6L twin turbo-charged, air-cooled, Porsche flat-six.
Water-to-air intercoolers, with individual-bank charge coolers housed within the plenum and cooled by clamshell-mounted radiator.
Tuned for the demands of each event, power starts at 450hp and 420lb ft torque
5-speed sequential dog-box enabling flat-shifting. Manual and paddle-shift capable.
Permanent AWD.
Front, centre and rear, mechanical, plated limited-slip differentials.
Additional Specialised Equipment:

Long-range fuel tank.
2 x full-size spare race wheels and tyres in front trunk area and rear storage area.
Full FIA specification roll cage.
Bespoke competition seats with FIA certification
Rehydration system for driver and navigator
State-of-the-art GPS race navigation system.


Notes Rob Dickinson, Founder and Executive Chairman, Singer Group Inc.

“So much of what we’ve done for the last decade has been inspired by Porsche’s competition success and the All-terrain Competition Study provides us the opportunity to showcase that idea literally and vividly.

We at Singer are motorsport nerds in our hearts and demonstrating our understanding of the discipline required our off-road vision to display deeply legitimate competition credentials from the structural engineering, to the bodywork ethos, to the mechanical package.

We’ve taken particular inspiration from the iconic Rothmans-sponsored 911 SC/RSs and 959s that conquered events like the Qatar International Rally and Paris-Dakar in the mid-‘80s and, at the request of our client, have reimagined these all-terrain 911’s in their honor while utilizing fresh perspectives and state of the art know-how.

As is our habit we chose to tackle our subject thoroughly and we are proud to have found the best in the world - always our ambition – to help us reach our goals. Like Williams Advanced Engineering before them with the Dynamics & Lightweighting Study, Richard Tuthill and his incredible team have allowed us to bring our vision for the All-terrain Competition Study to life in the most spectacular way.

We feel confident this machine can appeal to off-roading enthusiasm of all kinds, whether it be in the pursuit of professional competition at the highest level or adventure and exploration. ACS advances Singer’s capabilities in forced-induction, all-wheel drive, off-road ability and dynamic response - all of which will support our ongoing mission. This pursuit of focused competition studies is something you will see more of from us in the future.”

Notes Richard Tuthill

“This collaboration brings together the best of innovation, cutting-edge technology and decades of real rallying experience into one, amazingly capable, all-terrain off-road racing vehicle. In the 1980s we partnered with Prodrive to prepare bodyshells for the Rothmans 911 SC/RS that was part of the inspiration for ACS. I am delighted to have now partnered with Rob and the team at Singer to bring this incredible machine to life and look forward to working with them in the future. I am incredibly proud of what we have achieved.”

Says Mazen Fawaz, CEO, Singer Group Inc.

“Desert racing has got under our skin at Singer. I tested and ran a Trophy Truck with Jenson Button’s Rocket Motorsport in 2019 and we’ll be back in the truck for 3 events in 2021, so I know from personal experience exactly how demanding these events are. It’s been great to work with Richard, who has run the Baja 1000 himself, as well as a vast array of other off-road competitions, and apply all that knowledge and experience to this restoration for our client.”

Wider Availability, Costs and Assembly Details

The commissioning owner has agreed that the results of the All-terrain Competition Study will be available to others who wish to equip their cars with this off-road capability.

As always, each car is approached as a bespoke restoration and Singer’s special wishes personalization approach is available. The price for the restoration services based upon the results of the All-terrain Competition Study will be dependent on the specification chosen by the owner.

The ACS restoration has been undertaken as a collaboration between the two companies. Singer’s Design Office in California has led a joint engineering team with assembly undertaken in the UK at the Tuthill facility in Oxfordshire. Future cars will all be modified at Tuthill’s facilities. Support packages for racing and maintenance will be available.

Further Information

As with all Singer’s restoration services for owners of the Porsche 911, the car takes the Type 964 generation of air-cooled cars as its starting point. At the heart of the machine is an evolution of the “Mezger” air-cooled flat-six, here in 3.6L form, with twin symmetrical turbochargers and fly-by-wire individual throttle bodies. The performance characteristics of the engine can be tuned depending on the demands of competition and the owner.

A bespoke carbon fiber body is optimized to allow easy access to mechanical components at service stops and to enable effective breathing and cooling for the powertrain. The use of carbon fiber allows Singer to reduce overall mass and, for this car, to offset the extra weight of the roll-cage.

The All-terrain Competition Study draws on Richard Tuthill’s extensive knowledge of the demands of both on and off-road racing. The bespoke suspension and damping, together with AWD configuration is designed to enable effective deployment of the car’s power off-road. The strength designed into the car’s structure and components is a response to the forces encountered during high-speed, off-road endurance events and pathfinding.

Inside, the All-terrain Competition Study reflects the demands of off-road racing. FIA specification seats and harnesses sit within a full roll cage. The car is equipped with a race GPS navigation system while both driver and navigator have access to in-seat rehydration systems.

Singer’s restoration services encompass both sports cars for the road and now off-road motorsport competition. As always, the results are guided by the Singer philosophy – a Relentless Pursuit of Excellence.

Singer Summary

Founded in California in 2009, Singer has become globally known and respected for its celebration of the Porsche 911. The company undertakes bespoke restorations for owners of the air-cooled cars. Singer is guided by a philosophy that encompasses:

A passionate focus on iconic design and a homage to the world’s most iconic sportscars.
Highly personalized restorations with superlative attention to detail, guided by the Singer mantra: Everything is Important.
Modern engineering and material science, combined with uncompromising execution.
A deep connection with California and its automotive zeitgeist.
Over the last decade, Singer has become an automotive brand with a global clientèle and is now synonymous with the concept of Reimagining – bringing together heritage with twenty-first century perspectives. The brand has been growing beyond car culture, with an award-winning Swiss watchmaking division, Singer Reimagined, launched in 2017.

Singer Group quick timeline:

2009 – Company founded, first Porsche 911 restoration presented at Monterey Car Week

2014 – First AWD and Targa restorations completed

2017 - Singer Reimagined watch company launched in Geneva, Switzerland

2018 - Dynamics & Lightweighting Study presented at Goodwood Festival of Speed and Monterey Car Week.

2019 – TÜV certification completed for European markets

2020 — Expansion of Global Partner Network

2021 – The first Dynamics & Lightweighting Study restorations will be delivered to owners

Richard Tuthill summary

Specialising in historic motorsport preparation for racing or rallying and unique Porsche adventures all over the world, Richard Tuthill runs one of the best-kept secrets in the world of classic Porsche and is the official after-sales partner for Singer in the UK.

The company’s reputation for reliable rally cars was cemented in 1977, when Richard’s father, Francis, raced the London to Sydney Rally in a fully prepped Volkswagen Beetle. Victory in the 1993 London to Sydney Rally followed and it wasn’t long until Porsche 356 and then 911 owners began to call for help and advice, creating a legendary association that is now almost four decades old.

Along the way came a partnership with Prodrive, preparing bodyshells for the famous Rothmans Porsche 911 SC/RS, and Subaru Legacy rally cars piloted by drivers including Colin McRae. Tuthill prepared the first Porsche 911 to compete in the World Rally Championship for almost thirty years and the team won the 2015 FIA WRC R-GT championship in a 997 GT3 R-GT rally car.

Richards’s facility also prepares winning Porsche circuit racers. Their cars have claimed two FIA Masters Series championships as well as competing in the Peter Auto 2.0 litre Cup over the last 3 years.

About Singer Group, Inc.

With headquarters in Los Angeles, Calif., the Singer Group was formed a decade ago to pursue the creative possibilities within the vibrant world of iconic automobiles. Air-cooled Porsche 911s, restored in a bespoke manner by Singer for their owners, have been presented with the world’s finest collectors’ cars at events including The Quail, A Motorsports Gathering and Goodwood Festival of Speed.

Singer Vehicle Design (Singer) restores and reimagines 1989 to 1994 Porsche 911s, based on the 964 chassis for its clients. Singer does not manufacture or sell automobiles. Singer’s Global Partner Network represents the brand across North America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

Singer is not sponsored, associated, approved, endorsed nor, in any way, affiliated with Porsche Cars North America, Inc., or Dr. Ing. h.c.F. Porsche, AG. The Porsche® name and crest and 911® are trademarks of Dr. Ing. h.c.F. Porsche AG, and any other products mentioned are the trademarks of their respective holders. Any mention of trademarked names or other marks is for purpose of reference only.

The product of Singer’s painstaking effort is a Porsche 911 restored and reimagined by Singer. Out of respect for Porsche, and to respect Porsche’s trademark rights, this incredible machine should never under any circumstances be referred to or described as a “Singer,” “Singer 911,” “Singer Porsche 911” or a “Porsche Singer 911,” or in any other manner that suggests that it is anything but a Porsche 911

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