A quick look at this Porsche 911 won’t show you anything out of the ordinary. But, as many of you know by now, nothing about this particular 911 is ordinary, especially once it comes out of Singer Vehicle Design. You might have heard of this company because I’ve written about them before. Singer Vehicle Design, or just Singer for short, is a California-based aftermarket company that exists for one purpose: turning “regular” Porsche 911s into the perfect bespoke sports car.

Company founder Rob Dickinson recently opened the doors of his company to Portuguese YouTube channel Bufalos TV to discuss the humble beginnings of Singer and how far the company has come in just a few years of existence. Today, a Porsche 911 that goes through the ringer at Singer comes out looking about as fresh as fresh can be. Customers routinely come to the shop with their cars, eager to have them restored, upgraded and modified with bespoke modifications and power updates. Dickinson and all the employees of Singer have embraced this challenge openly, admitting that a single project car can take up to 16 weeks before it’s returned to the customer. The first 12 weeks are reserved for the assembly of the cars while the last four weeks are earmarked for testing to ensure that everything’s working smoothly.

Once the projects are done, Singer notifies the owners, who in turn are required to shell out at least $390,000 for the full-scale modification. With business apparently being good, there appears to be no shortage of customers who are more than willing to spend this much money to have their 911s customized by the company.

Not a lot of aftermarket companies can claim to having this kind of business model. But, Singer has found a way to make it work to its advantage. That’s the standard the company has set for itself now and so far, its customers have been more than happy with the return in their investments.

Singer 911

2011 Singer 911 High Resolution Exterior
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