The historic record realized by Peugeot with the 205, with 5 278 000 exemplary products between 1983 and 1998, has just been beaten by the 206. 

Launched in September 1998, the Peugeot 206 attained six millions exemplary products, at the end of April, on the Wuhan plant in China, where she is made, since January 2006, in his version sedan 5-doors. The six millionth 206 Was a 206 S, equipped with a 1.6l petrol engine.

Less than ten years after his commercial launch, the 206 beats the record of the 205 in terms of volume, but also in terms of selling-rate, since it will have been necessary 191 months for the 205 to surpass the 5 millions copies and only 105 months for the 206 to attain six millions copies. So 7 years less! 

Six milions copies for Peugeot 206
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The apogee of the sales for the 206 was attained in 2002, with 845 300 copies. Between 2001 and 2004, this car will have been sold yearly in more than 800 000 copies in 150 countries through the world. 

In December 2000, Peugeot reinvented the concept of the convertible accessible with the 206 CC, of which close to 370 000 exemplary were products. 

In June 2002 appears the 206 SW, that quickly imposed as the undisputed leader of the station wagons. Since his launch 366 000 exemplary were made.

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