McLaren’s North American invasion has finally begun after the British supercar maker announced the first six dealerships that will be given the first chance to sell the brand’s new supercar, the MP4-12C.

Among the franchises that were picked to exclusively sell the new McLaren supercar include the Auto Gallery (Beverly Hills, CA), Lake Forest Sports Cars (Chicago, IL), Park Place (Dallas, TX), Miller Motorcars (Greenwich, CT), Price Family Dealerships (San Francisco, CA), and Dew Luxury Motor Cars (Tampa Bay, FL).

Deliveries for the MP4-12C is expected to commence in a year’s time and interested buyers from the other side of the Atlantic are going to need to shell out around $250,000 for a chance to bring one home. According to McLaren, initial stocks for the MP4-12C will be limited to just 1,000 models a year, although that figure is still expected to climb to somewhere in the neighborhood of 4,000 units per year.

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In picking these dealerships, McLaren Automotive’s managing director, Antony Sheriff, emphasized the importance of having retailers that have spotless track records when it comes to customer service. "The North American market provides a huge opportunity for McLaren and will be a benchmark for our future business aspirations,” he said. “We anticipate that the region will see 30 percent of the global sales, so it was vital for us to identify experienced retailers with a passion for customer service”

In addition to the six aforementioned franchises and their corresponding cities, McLaren will also follow that up by assigning more dealerships in other cities in the future. Rumored to be in the mix includes, Philadelphia, Toronto, Miami, and Orange County.

Press release

WOKING, UK (July 4, 2010) – McLaren Automotive, based in Woking, England, is pleased to announce the launch of McLaren Automotive Inc. The company headquarters will be located in New York City with operations including sales, marketing, aftersales and retailer development for North America.
In addition, the first six of ten initial retailer candidates have been identified in preparation for the launch of the 2012 McLaren MP4-12C which goes on sale in U.S. and Canada beginning summer 2011:

· McLaren Beverly Hills: The Auto Gallery
· McLaren Chicago: Lake Forest Sportscars
· McLaren Dallas: Park Place
· McLaren Greenwich: Miller Motorcars
· McLaren San Francisco: Price Family Dealerships
· McLaren Tampa Bay: Dew Luxury Motor Cars

These retail candidates have been carefully selected based upon their experience in the segment and presence in the marketplace. McLaren has assembled an successful group of dealer candidates to represent the company throughout North America. Additional locations where McLaren intends to appoint retailers in North America include Miami, Fla.; Orange County, Calif.; Philadelphia, Pa., and Toronto, Canada, and these candidates will be announced soon.

Antony Sheriff, McLaren Automotive’s Managing Director said, "The North American market provides a huge opportunity for McLaren and will be a benchmark for our future business aspirations. We anticipate that the region will see 30 percent of the global sales, so it was vital for us to identify experienced retailers with a passion for customer service: The Auto Gallery, Dew Luxury Motor Cars, Lake Forest Sportscars, Miller Motor Cars, Park Place, and Price Family Dealerships, as well as others that will be announced soon.

"As a native New Yorker, I know how demanding North American customers can be. They are looking for a great product with superb quality, innovative technology and authentic, unique design solutions. But owning a car with high performance that is incredibly entertaining to drive is not enough. The ownership experience must be just as revolutionary as the car.

"We want to be the best sports car company in the market. We know this is a huge challenge, but we thrive on challenge. In partnering with the best retailers in the industry with a proven record of taking care of their customers, we believe we have the ideal situation in North America to help us deliver on these expectations," Sheriff concluded.

The initial North American retailers will begin selling the 2012 McLaren MP4-12C from summer 2011 with a base MSRP within a range of between $225,000 and $250,000. The pricing is expected to be announced in September 2010.

One thousand 12Cs will be built in 2011 in a brand-new production facility at McLaren’s UK headquarters. Longer-term, a full model range of approximately 4,000 high-performance, mid-engine McLaren sports cars will be produced annually by McLaren Automotive in the UK for global distribution. McLaren Automotive’s aim is for its global network to remain more exclusive, more flexible, and more profitable than competitors’ networks.

Tony Joseph, McLaren Automotive’s Regional Director for North America, said: "Just as the MP4-12C was developed from a clean sheet of paper, so was our North American operations. We have recently established ourselves with offices in New York City, and built an experienced team to manage the sales, marketing, aftersales and dealer development activities in North America.

"As part of our business plan, we have taken great care to identify our top markets and dealer partners that emulate McLaren’s core brand values and beliefs. Our ambition is to develop and build a better vehicle that is supported by class-leading aftersales, ultimately ensuring better residual values. We will treat customers with respect, and there will be a unique level of transparency in how we conduct ourselves with our retail partners and our customers.

"The key challenge for us in North America is to take the focused processes and principles that have come out of McLaren and ensure that those high standards are embraced by the retailers and experienced by each and every customer. It is a very exciting time, and I believe we have selected the retailer partners who understand and can implement this vision," explained Joseph.

First 12C deliveries anticipated for summer 2011 in North America
The MP4-12C is ’pure’ McLaren, from its innovative technologies to bespoke design – everything is for a reason. The 2012 model year, two-seat, mid-engine12C will re-write the rules of sports car design through Formula 1-inspired engineering, a revolutionary carbon fiber MonoCell chassis, and an absolute focus on total efficiency and quality.

The 12C was developed around the driver with emphasis on performance and drivability. It will be the lightest and one of the most powerful and fuel efficient cars in its class. The foundation for these performance benchmarks is the unique, one-piece molded carbon fiber MonoCell which provides enormous strength and rigidity yet is 25 percent lighter than an equivalent aluminum chassis.

The 12C has a bespoke V8, twin-turbo engine with 592 horsepower and 443 ft-lb of torque and is mated to a 7-speed Seamless Shift dual-clutch transmission. Its extraordinary mix of handling and comfort is delivered with its innovative Proactive Chassis Control. Its sophisticated, Formula 1-derived aerodynamics is aided by its Airbrake which gives the 12C excellent stability under braking. The 12C also sets new standards for interior comfort, visibility and technology in a sports car.

Customers that are interested in purchasing a 12C should work with their local retailer. The first vehicle deliveries are anticipated for summer 2011 in North America.

McLaren Unveil at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance
While McLaren Automotive will launch the 12C beginning summer 2011, car enthusiasts will get the unique opportunity to see the MP4-12C up close at the 60th Anniversary of the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance in Pebble Beach, Calif. on August 15.
Attendees of the world renowned event can see a prototype of the 12C on the Concept Car Lawn in front of the entrance to The Lodge at Pebble Beach. The 12C will then tour North America to support events held by retailer candidates.

Source: McLaren

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  (939) posted on 07.12.2010

Nice, mclaren is now ready to set their tires on American Roads.

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hmm I hope this baby will sell well on the US market.

  (612) posted on 07.7.2010

dude you cannot compare the LF-A to Maclaren..

  (555) posted on 07.6.2010

I guess mclaren is really serious in spreading the mp4 all over the world.

  (648) posted on 07.5.2010

I would rather choose this than the Lexus LF-A.. it’s $50,000 more cheaper, but its performance are way far superior than the LF-A.

  (33) posted on 07.5.2010

its like revelutionary war over that car.
GO USA....................

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