It will debut in China in early November 2019

While all eyes are set on the 2019 Tokyo Motor Show, Skoda announced a brand-new crossover called the Kamiq GT. Previewed by a couple of renderings, the Kamiq GT draws styling cues from the Vision GT concept car. It’s obviously based on the already familiar Kamiq, with the main modification being a coupe-style roof. The Kamiq GT joins the Kodiaq GT, a coupe version of Skoda’s midsize SUV. And just like the Kodiaq GT, the Kamiq GT will be sold only in China.

The Skoda Kamiq GT is a mild version of the Vision GT

Skoda Previews Kamiq GT with Coupe-style roof and aggressive front end
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The Kamiq GT looks a lot like the Vision GT. This is a bit surprising coming from an automaker like Skoda, but the final version will probably look a tad different than the renderings. I expect it to feature a smaller front bumper grille, smaller wheels, and less aggressive character lines on the sides. You need to forget about the rear diffuser as well, as the production model will have a smaller insert in the lower rear apron.

Because it’s a China-market model, the GT is obviously based on the Chinese version of the Kamiq. It doesn’t feature the dual-headlamp layout of the European model, with just one headlight at each side of the grille.

However, the rendering shows a sportier front fascia with a slimmer grille and thinner headlamps.

The same goes for the rear end, where the big taillights were replaced with much narrower units. The shape is actually identical, but Skoda replaced the big reverse lights at the bottom with thin LED strips.

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Of course, the main highlight here is the coupe-style roof. While the regular Kamiq is rather boxy toward the back, the GT boasts a sleeker roofline, smaller D-pillars, and a narrower rear window. The design is a bit different than the Kodiaq GT, but the idea is about the same.

The Skoda Kamiq GT will feature a small four-cylinder engine

Skoda Previews Kamiq GT with Coupe-style roof and aggressive front end
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Skoda didn’t reveal what engines it will offer in the Kamiq GT, but it will probably share underpinnings with the regular Kamiq. The latter is available with only a 1.5-liter four-cylinder unit rated at 148 horsepower and 184 pound-feet of torque. This is also the most powerful engine available in the Kamiq in Europe.

Although a more powerful engine would make sense in the sportier coupe version, it's unlikely to happen since the regular Kamiq doesn't have one yet.

The Kodiaq GT, for instance, features a 2.0-liter four-cylinder rated at up to 217 horsepower.

The Skoda Kamiq GT is the company’s fifth crossover


2019 Skoda Kodiaq GT
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Impressively enough, the Kamiq GT is the fifth crossover launched by Skoda in recent years. It follows the Kodiaq from 2016, the Karoq from 2017, the Kodiaq GT from 2019, and the regular Kamiq from 2019. The production model will make its global debut on November 4, in Tianjin, China.

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