SLS AMG Gullwing Spied in White

SLS AMG Gullwing Spied in White
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Yes that’s a white car under all that camouflage. It seems Mercedes still wants to keep the design of the SLS somewhat of a secret until September’s unveiling at the Frankfurt Motor Show. For the new shot we can see the large rear exhaust cut outs and get a better look at how the gullwing doors are incorporated into the body.

The design is the only secret Mercedes has left about its future supercar. The official details have already been revealed including the 571 hp 6.3-liter V8, 0 to 60 mph in 3.8 seconds, and the 195 mph top speed.


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  (4) posted on 04.26.2009

i hate that paint job

  (137) posted on 04.25.2009

In France it is called the butterfly door. That’s I think is their concern. How to incorporate it well with the new design.

  (180) posted on 04.25.2009

It might be practical that they would revive the gull wing doors but they look like bats to me. I hope that the rest of the body kit would look nice.

  (116) posted on 04.25.2009

Renereed, it is not confusing, it is camouflaged because it is not yet officially out. That is what they usually do while the car is under performance test for matters of suspense and the paparazzi running to get the car sports beat ahead.

  (177) posted on 04.25.2009

This gull wing door for SLS AMG is controversial and at the same time expected. I think the credit is due to the good marketing and press releases that Mercedes have been working out before this car come out in the show.

  (289) posted on 04.25.2009

FYI: Apart from the Mercedes-Benz 300SL of the mid-1950s and the experimental Mercedes-Benz C111 of the early 1970s, the most well-known examples of road-cars with gull-wing doors are Bricklin SV-1 from the 1970s and the DeLorean DMC-12 from the 1980s. Some hates the gull wing for they call it aesthetic but most find it practical. If Mercedes is to revive this door for SLS AMG hopefully they give it the credit it deserve this time.

  (183) posted on 04.25.2009

The color is quite confusing. Is it that difficult to choose between black and white? But nonetheless, I’m excited to see the car and performance wise, I know it would still turn out great.

  (231) posted on 04.25.2009

The gull wing? Let me give you some info why Benz is so secretive about it. The Gull-wing door in German: Flügeltüren, is an automotive industry term describing car doors that are hinged at the roof rather than the side, as pioneered by the 1952 Mercedes-Benz 300SL race car (W194) and its road-legal version (W198) introduced in 1954. Now how will this legendary door be fixed in the SLS AMG, that’s what keeping the rumormil rollling.

  (314) posted on 04.25.2009

I think the incorporation of the gull wing more than anything else is the most awaited part for this SLS AMG. If this large rear exhaust is for sure, we could somehow the entire engineering conceptualize the power charged engine of this car.

  (318) posted on 04.24.2009

What is shown here is the coupe trim, but there is also the covertible trim, I hope both make it on September at Frankfurt.

  (421) posted on 04.24.2009

That’s right much of the details about this super car have been revealed except the rumored design. If that exactly is it. Then we can somehow proportionately conceptualize much of its looks, and the interior. I can’t wait to see it in September.

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