250 SWB Limited is a small company who has sold Ferrari for 32 years and had the privilege to work for Maranello Concessionaires.This leading Ferrari specialist in the UK prepared this unique 2004 Smart 250 SWB Speciale.

Smart 250 SWB 'Speciale'
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This has to be the ultimate fun car as well as being economic and highly practical.Why?, because this Smart will still return 50 MPG plus but will produce in excess of 115 MPH and an estimated 0-60 time of less 8 seconds.

The engine was remapped, so under the hood they fitted a larger turbocharger, new dump valve, bigger injectors and the Brabus exhaust system.This car has new wheels tires and upgraded suspension.

Smart 250 SWB 'Speciale'
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For the interior they propose a combination betwen Italian leather , carbon fibre and aluminum trim.The interior also features sat-nav a phone kit and a Sony CD stereo.It came standard with air conditioning, ABS and Mercedes’s inovative electronic stability control ( ESC).

This Smart is very safe too with its upgraded ventilated disc brakes and strong Tridium cell.Like these days Ferrari this Smart use paddle gear shifting.
On the exterior you will also notice the red and silver paintjob, Ferrari badging, halogen lights and aerodynamic body kit that sets it apart from an ordinary Smart.This car has 20,000 miles on board and is still under manufacter’s warranty.

Smart 250 SWB 'Speciale'
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Ferrari330P4  (36) posted on 01.2.2007

pretty cool

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