• Smart Fortwo covered in Swarovski Crystals

What makes a a tiny car like the Smart Fortwo priceless? No, not the fact that it has a very low fuel consumption. It has nothing to do with that, but lots to do with the newest accessory glittering all over the little vehicle: Swarovski Crystals. Yes, they could have chosen a bigger car to cover in ice, but there’s a financial crisis in the world for goodness sakes. Any additional square footage would just be crazy!

The Smart Fortwo was created for the Chinese market. It gets no less than 283,960 eye-blinding Swarovskis on the exterior, plus a few on the interior, but who’s counting? In the interior, you will find these little stones applied on the leather, drink holders, shift knob, mirrors, seat buckles, and pedals.

The car was created by Anjuny Eyes China who has yet to unveil the asking price for the blinged out ride. Regardless of the price, however, there would be no amount of haggling that will bring it down enough for us to be able to afford it. And, come on, our money would be better off spent on a more reasonably sized car!


Source: Autoevolution

Alina Moore
Alina Moore
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  (858) posted on 12.7.2010

never park this baby on street, for sure it wont take long for it to be towed by bad guys.

  (1332) posted on 08.3.2010

I operate a 100% human-powered pedal cab in Orlando, Florida, USA. I may acquire electrically-assisted trikes, but will never use (or get into) a petrol-powered.

  (554) posted on 07.6.2010

this is madness, i wonder how much money did the owner spent to it.

  (648) posted on 07.5.2010

agree.. it wont last an hour.. the owner should hire a PMC to make this baby more secure.

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