We often see spy shots of upcoming vehicles still wrapped in camouflage months before their official debut, but we rarely get a preview of upcoming infotainment software destined for their dashboards. Then again, no other infotainment software makes quite the splash as Apple’s iOS in the Car.

Several screen shots of Apple’s iOS in the Car were posted on developer Steven Troughton-Smith’s twitter page, giving us an idea of what the current beta model looks like. As reported by 9To5Mac, iOS in the Car allows users to plug their iOS device into their car’s built-in center console display, giving them access to Apple Maps, text messaging, phone service and iTunes – furthering Apple’s in-dash integration past the current Siri Eyes Free and iPod Out.

This is not the first we’ve seen of iOS in the Car. Apple showed a preview of the software at their World Wide Developers’ Conference last year, but previewed only a few screen images. These images leaked by the developer show a more detailed view of what the system is expected to look like.

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Sneak Peak: Apple's "iOS in the Car" Screenshots / Gameplay
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The look and feel is iOS through and through. It has a graphic home button across the bottom of the screen with the familiar banner notifications. A close inspection shows the same hardware as in the WWDC video

Sneak Peak: Apple's "iOS in the Car" Screenshots / Gameplay
- image 539454

In some views, the home button and other info are displayed vertically along the left-hand side. The interface should be very intuitive to use and easy for beginners to figure out. We just hope Apple fixes the bugs associated with their maps application before the official launch of iOS in the Car.

Sneak Peak: Apple's "iOS in the Car" Screenshots / Gameplay
- image 539457

A rather dull screen shows all the available apps, but hopefully users will be able to chose their own background like on the iPhone or iPad. Hopefully Apple’s full range of finger gestures like swiping, pinching, and stretching will be recognized.

Sneak Peak: Apple's "iOS in the Car" Screenshots / Gameplay
- image 539456

Of course, an in-dash infotainment system is not complete without the legal department having their own screen. Apple and automakers will inevitability catch flack from distracted driving awareness advocates, but knowing Apple’s ingenuity with making an easy-to-use interface - along with a heavy concentration on voice commands through Siri — the level of distracted driving isn’t likely to increase.

These images are attributed to 9TO5Mac

Source: 9to5Mac

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