The Snowpocalypse of 2016 can’t slow this Jeep down

What happens when the streets of New York City fill with snow and police issue a curfew and threaten to arrest for driving? Why you and your buddies jump in your Jeep Wrangler and go snowboarding through Times Square. At least that’s what one group of friends did as the winter storm Jonas rampaged the northeast during the last half of January 2016.

It probably wasn’t the smartest thing to do, but for YouTube filmmaker Casey Neistat, the shenanigans paid off with roughly 10 million views in two days and no one got arrested. In fact, New York’s finest pulled Casey and his crew over as a mere formality, saying they were responding to complaints. “We’re gonna act like we’re talkin’ to ya,” the policeman said with a grim and New York accent. Fair enough…

Casey was pretty smart when choosing his vehicle. The Wrangler JK fitted with BF Goodrich All-Terrain T/A tires and snow chains had no problem blasting through the slushy streets and over snow banks, all while pulling a snowboarder or two behind.

The video is pretty funny, so sit back and enjoy. Oh, but please don’t try this stunt at home.


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