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What makes a performance car truly special? Is it the driving dynamics or the sound of the engine? Is it the sheer power output or how fast it can hit a benchmark? Is it the badge that it wears, potentially signaling that it’s something more than your everyday car? One could argue that it’s a number of these things, or maybe it’s even all of these things. I guess that really depends on the model at hand. Take the AMG badge, for instance. It ranks up there with BMW M, Honda’s Type R, Volkswagens R designation, and even Hyundai’s N division – it tells us that whatever is wearing the AMG badge is better in almost every way to the car it is based on.

This is an easy concept to understand, but at what point does a badge become so common; so diluted; that it’s not special anymore? Well, Mercedes is doing its best to help us find out. It has just announced a list of models from its entire lineup that won’t get the typical AMG treatment. You’ll be how many models fall into this category.

What Mercedes Models Won’t Be Offered with AMG Tuning?

Some Mercedes Models Aren't Meant for an AMG Badge, But the List Might Surprise You
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As you probably know, Mercedes’ AMG arm is responsible for giving those everyday luxury cars and extra kick of power and aggression.

The AMG treatment has been increasingly applied to a number of models over the years and, now, you can get almost every model with AMG-specific exterior design, interior design, and engine tuning.

Some AMG models, even have larger engines than the models they are based on. But what about the models that aren’t long for an AMG badge or any kind of performance enhancement at all?

Well, the list isn’t as big as you might think:

There Will Not Be a Mercedes-AMG B-Class

2019 Mercedes-Benz B-Class Exterior
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This shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise considering the B-Class’ purpose and position in Merc’s lineup. Unlike the A-Class, which can be had as a sedan here in the U.S., the B-Class is more of a mini minivan or MPV, as they call it over in Europe. It’s more of a crossover between a large hatchback and a small minivan, if I’m being honest, but the point is that you can’t even get this baby in the states – we like our big SUVs, of course.

The B-Class is minivan aimed more at smaller families more than anything, and you could even consider it a wagon version of the A-Class if you really wanted.

It has an entry-level price in Europe at around £25,500 (just over $31,000 at current conversion rates) and wouldn’t make a whole lot of sense as an AMG branded model. In fact, that would completely defeat the purpose of the B-Class altogether and, let’s face it, a model that looks like this isn’t meant to be fast or offer any kind of real performance. Nope; this model is destined to remain nothing more than a slightly luxurious hauler of small families.

The Mercedes-AMG EQC Won’t Exist Either

2019 Mercedes-Benz EQC Exterior
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The EQC is the second model that won’t get the full-on AMG treatment. Believe it or not, Mercedes doesn’t see any merit in building an AMG EQC. It has said that the model will be offered with an AMG line package that will give it some interior and exterior AMG DNA, but that’s the extent of it – there won’t be any engine enhancements or performance increases coming the EQC’s way. Not that it’s necessarily a bad thing.

The EQC, which is set to be Merc’s mainstream, entry-level EV, does offer up 402 horsepower in its best form without an AMG badge, so who really needs more from a compact SUV anyway?

Get the AMG line package, and you’re pretty much set.

Final Thoughts

AMG Is Rewriting Rules Of Compact Cars With the Unbelievably Powerful 2020 AMG CLA 45 & A45
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I have to admit that I’m kind of glad that Mercedes has no desire make an AMG B-Class – it really didn’t make sense to me, so for once, I actually agree with what Mercedes plans for the AMG division. I still think that an AMG EQC would be pretty cool, but considering it’s the brand’s first mainstream EV, and it already offers up as much as 400 horsepower, there’s not much of a need for it to go full-on AMG. Get the range-topping model with the AMG Line package, and I think you’ll have something better than what a full-on AMG model would offer anyway. I did, however, expect the list of non-AMG models of the future to be a little bit longer. We know that AMG isn’t avoiding electrification either, so you can expect some future EVs to offer a full-on AMG tune. But, it’s going to be a while before we see that. For now, take it as you see it, and don’t expect to see an AMG B-Class or EQC anytime soon.

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