If you can stop hating for a second, you’ll see there’s actually a market for it…

The idea of an X8 SUV didn’t take long to manifest once we heard confirmation about an X7, but now that there’s word that BMW is considering such a much, some of you have gone into hater mode hard. The worst part is that some of you are the same ones that went batshit crazy happy over the 8-Series Gran Coupe and the Mercedes-AMG GT 4-Door. The truth is that the X8 falls under the same category – there are always going to be customers with deep pockets that want more. That fact, if you remember correctly, is the exact reason why Mercedes decided to do the AMG GT 4-Door, as “customers drove the C or E63 and wanted more.” But, the need for an X8 goes much deeper than that because it always does, doesn’t it?

Two Words: Flagship SUV

Some of You Don't Understand Why BMW Needs an X8 SUV, So Let Me School You Right Quick
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Sure, the X7 is going to fill up the “large SUV” niche that BMW is missing out on with the X6. Some are suggesting that the X8 would take on more of a slanted roof which might make a little more sense, but don’t get it twisted – the X8 won’t be an oversized, jacked up coupe. It will have a sportier, slanted roof, but it’s also there to represent the best of the best in the lineup. It will be the most expensive in the lineup, and it will be able to take on some serious contenders like the Land Rover Range Rover and the Bentley Bentayga and take things a step further.

It’s Probably Not for you to Drive, Guy

Some of You Don't Understand Why BMW Needs an X8 SUV, So Let Me School You Right Quick
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The truth is, a vehicle like the X8 isn’t one you buy to drive. No, if you’re buying an X8, you’re one of those guys with too much money (and hopefully responsibility) to focus on driving yourself. So, you get your Jeeves, Billy, of James to do the dirty work while you hang out in the back sipping on overpriced scotch, watching the money market and making calls like a boss, because that’s your life. And, that’s exactly what the X8’s purpose will be.

The Interior Will be Fit for Kings, at Least in the Rear

The front of the cabin will probably be identical to that of the X7, for the most part, while the rear will be lush and packed to the brim with the finest materials matched to an incredible amount of passenger room. It’ll have reclining seats, leg rests, big screen TVs, and four seats faced toward each other for those “business meetings.” BMW will pull out all the stops. We’re talking about wine and champagne chillers, BMW-branded crystal glasses, fragrance dispensers, watch cubbies. Pretty much anything Bentley, Rolls-Royce, and Land Rover have ever offered on a whole new scale.

The LWB is for Luxury, the SWB Model Will Kill Land Rover and Bentley

Some of You Don't Understand Why BMW Needs an X8 SUV, So Let Me School You Right Quick
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So far, I’ve been a little biased in assuming that the X8 will be built primarily for wealthy folk to ride around for a while, feeling special about their life. But, that’s not the only purpose of the X8. Nope. That badge will also get thrown onto a short wheelbase that will be designed specifically to take on the Bentley Bentayga and Land Rover Range Rover, and I’m talking about the range-topping models, too. In this form, it’ll probably get that massive 6.6-liter V-12 from the BMW 7 Series because f**k your emissions laws. It’ll have at least 601 horsepower and 590 pound-feet of torque and could even be tuned to deliver a little more just to really stick it to the competition. AWD is pretty much a certainty while it’ll we get all of the latest goodies from M-sport as well.

Yeah, You Probably Can’t Afford It Anyway

Some of You Don't Understand Why BMW Needs an X8 SUV, So Let Me School You Right Quick
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Remember when I said that it wasn’t for you to drive? Well, even if you want the SWB version, you’re probably not going to be able to afford it. This thing will command six figures right out of the gate and easily approach the $300,000 mark without batting an eye. Furthermore, it will be one of those models that’s probably built to order and fully customizable. Oh yeah, and guess what, a lot of markets probably won’t get it. China is a guaranteed market as folks over there, specifically businessmen, love to be hauled around. The U.S. and parts of Europe will have it available, but don’t expect to walk onto a lot, sign off on a stack of paperwork, and drive away.


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