Burnouts, sprints, jumps, powerslides, it can do pretty much everything

We all know that the Cybertruck launch came with a bit of a surprise, we’ll-throw-this-in-for-your-entertainment moment when Elon Musk presented Tesla’s first pickup truck and the Cyberquad.

The Cybertruck has been getting all sorts of attention online ever since, yet the Cyberquad remained a mystery. Some claimed it was, in fact, just a dressed up Yamaha Raptor 700, but at the same time Yamaha denied working with Tesla. That said, one youtuber did get some ‘help’ from Yamaha in building his own Cyberquad replica.

Built Not Bought… Kind Of

This is not the first time some daring mechanical whizz decides to take matters into his own hands and build a vehicle he can’t have otherwise. Earlier this year, we showed you how a bunch of crazy engineers assembled a miniature yet fully-operational replica of the Cybertruck. This time, it’s the Cyberquad that gets a fan-made version.

Based on a 2008 Yamaha Raptor 700 quad bought used for $3000 and fitted with the electric powertrain coming from a $3000 electric motorcycle, this unofficial version of the Cyberquad uses a custom-made thumb throttle setup and can go from zero to 60 mph in 3.9 seconds on street tires and reach 102 mph. Which is quite scary, considering that things start to get really freaky above 60 mph on any quad.

Someone Built Their Own Tesla Cyberquad, and It's Awesome
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The exterior - which mimics the original Cyberquad’s looks to perfection - was made using the origami technique and it looks like it could chop the limbs off a pedestrian or at least do some serious damage during a crash.

Safety-aside, it does look the part, mainly because the panels are laser-cut, so the whole thing has a quality vibe about it.

Let’s not forget the workhorse capabilities rendered possible by the e-powertrain. On one hand, the Cyberquad tips the scales at just around 500 pounds split equally between the two axle thanks to the 50/50 weight distribution, so you’ve got handling and control pretty much sorted out.

Someone Built Their Own Tesla Cyberquad, and It's Awesome
- image 930474

On the other hand, thanks to an ATV winch, this Cyberquad can pull itself out of a puddle of mud or it can pull a Hummer with ease, without overheating. All while sounding like an angry power drill.

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